Brandon PerdueBrandon Perdue

Twitter: @blueofthekin

Brandon Perdue tried to be a productive member of society as a Java programmer, but it turned out that wasn't geeky enough.  He is now a writer, editor, and game designer with too many board games, a Star Trek addiction, and a shiba inu with delusions of grandeur.  He lives and works in Roanoke, Virginia.







Christian Roeber 

Christian's Website:


Christian Gregory Stutzman Roeber was born December 11th, 1987, in Berlin, Germany.

Christian moved from Berlin to the United States with his parents Gregg and Patricia Roeber, and his two older sisters Maria and Grete.  Originally settling in Illinois, several years later the family moved to State College Pennsylvania, where Christian would complete high school and briefly attend Penn State University, studying Russian.

At 18, he dropped out of Penn State and was accepted at the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA) at New York.  Moving to New York City the following October, Christian spent the next year in the intensive two-year Studio Acting program.  Upon completion of his first year, Christian transferred to AMDA's Los Angeles Campus.

Christian spent another year completing his studies, and upon graduation stayed in California, moving to Burbank.  Since graduating school Christian has been in several plays, completed a supporting role in a movie, and been cast in several television episodes.

Becoming quickly disillusioned with acting and the intense amount of BS that went with it, Christian found quantum of sanity in writing.  To date, he has written several television episodes (none of which you have ever seen), a major motion picture (which he hears will never see the light of day because of some legal BS), a two-act play (which, if the producer ever gets off his ass and pays for, you might see premiering in Los Angeles), and a weekly article about whatever he feels like.



Chris SpicerChris Spicer 

Twitter:  @spicerpalooza



After working as a high school English teacher in Missouri and Florida for ten years, Chris Spicer moved to Los Angeles five years ago to make it big in Hollywood.  It seemed like a good idea at the time. Chris is a native of Kansas City and holds a Masters degree in Communication Studies from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, the birthplace of his two favorite artists: Steve Martin and Terrence Malick.

Chris is an actor and screenwriter, and, like many children of the '80s, he was profoundly influenced by the early cinema of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Other influences include Joss Whedon, Kurt Vonnegut, Bruce Springsteen, and Jim Henson. He is the author of several unproduced screenplays and is currently writing a one-man performance piece.  Chris is a huge Disneyland geek, as well.



Christina Brookman 

 Christina's Website:


Christina Brookman knew from a young age she was destined to marry Superman. Unfortunately, her neighbors foiled her attempt to jump off the roof, so Superman would save her, instantly fall in love, dump Lois Lane, and fly off together into the sunset. With her dreams crushed, she focused her energy on theatre. Christina started out as a child actor and went on to earn her B.F.A. in Acting from Point Park University, where she received The Kennedy Center Award for Assistant Direction for My One and Only. She was raised in Richmond, VA, where she served as the Arts in Education Assistant for Theatre IV, Outreach Theatre Instructor for SPARC, as well as Head of Performing Arts for Cat’s CAP summer camp. Christina’s Chicago credits include: Company Member for Flow Artistic Sketch Group, Associate Producer for Single File Festival, and Stage Manager for The Second City Training Center. Favorite past roles include: Janice (Crumble: Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake), Thomasina (Arcadia), Maggie (Lovers), and Clarice (Servant of Two Masters), for which she was nominated for a Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress. Most recently, she taught theatre at Toledo School for the Arts and Toledo Repertoire Theatre. Christina writes plays for young audiences and works to raise awareness about living with disabilities through her writing. She is thrilled to be a part of the Fanboy Comics team and really hopes this scores her some points for when she finally meets Superman!



Claire Thorne 

An Unexpected Hobby website:
Twitter: @claireissa

Claire Thorne (née Clarissa) is a small-town girl who transplanted to the big city with few regrets that aren’t completely made up for by having a Starbucks within constant spitting distance.  Growing up in the lawless wilds of New Mexico and Arizona, she eventually landed at The Grand Canyon but completely took for granted the view from her own backyard.  

Upon landing in Los Angeles in the nineties, she did her best to avoid riots, collected a highly valuable liberal arts degree, found herself a husband, and settled down in a suburb voted “Easiest to Escape From in the Event the World Ends.”  She encourages her artist husband to draw more zombies than is healthy and frequently fights with her school-aged son over who gets to put their latest LEGO set together.

Claire is preparing for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse by teaching herself to sew quilts decorated with geeky embroidery.  She hopes to one day take over the world through a cleverly disguised Etsy store.  She avoids any and all mention of her “day job.”

Claire attributes her “Geek Cred” to Starbuck, Ripley, Michonne, Eowen, Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, Hermione, Tonks, Frannie, Kaylee, Captain Janeway, Sculley, Suzannah, Harry Potter, Roland Deschain, Captain Picard, Spike, Bill Adama, Thor, Mulder, and Calvin and Hobbes.  She is very fond of, but should probably avoid, Orcs, Zombies, Xenomorphs, Dragons, the Borg Collective, Cylons, and Observers.  She loathes spiders, either real or imagined.

She would very much like to see Tom Waits perform live, in person, preferably on the International Space Station.

At this very moment, she is reading about the end of the world and wondering what her next tattoo will be.




Dean Richards 

Dean's Website:

Twitter: @thedeanrichards



Dean was born in the small farm town of LaGrange, Ohio. Those of you that speak French know the town was aptly named. (LaGrange means “the barn” in French.) He found a passion for movies at the age of 9 upon seeing Star Wars, and, ever since, he always knew he wanted to make movies.

He moved to Orlando, Florida, to pursue a degree in filmmaking. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. By day, he works as a mild-mannered employee at a baseball card shop. By night, he’s a filmmaker, stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster, actor, and avid comic book reader. He loves the Cleveland Indians and is the inventor of the cosmic luge and unicycle bowling.




Ellen Tremiti 

Ellen's Blog:

Twitter: @EtPhoneH


Ellen Tremiti grew up under the influence of an older brother who introduced her to comics, scary movies, and video games. The Crow sticks out as one of the first screen adaptations of a comic book she saw under his supervision. For as long as she can remember, Ellen has loved to tell stories of her own. She started writing her first book at age ten and published it four years later. Her second book, a story about magical lands, monsters, fairies, good and evil, and the like, came out just as Ellen finished high school.

After living out her destiny as a child author and traveling around her home state of New Jersey where she talked to students about writing and fostering creative goals, Ellen attended Emerson College in Boston. She graduated with honors and duel degrees in Film and Writing. She also won an EVVY Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Prose her senior year. Ellen now lives and works in Los Angeles, where she writes as much as she can. Sometimes, she even writes about writing in her writing blog; other times she tweets.



Erica McCrystal

Twitter: @eamccrystal

Erica McCrystal lives in New Jersey, where she dabbles in various activities from triathlons to collecting penguins. She earned her Ph.D. in English from St. John’s University, writing her dissertation on urban Gothic supervillains. She currently does a little teaching, a little writing, a little coaching, a little editing, and a lotta momma-ing.

If Erica were stranded in a deserted Gotham City, she would want the complete works of Charles Dickens, running shoes, and a flashlight.



Erik Cheski 


Erik Cheski is an actor who works in a Diamond Certification Lab, where he comes into contact with chemicals and equipment that would make for a great origin story. Having lived in the fantasy worlds of books, video games, tabletop games, and the absurd realm of theatre for longer stretches than the normal one, it’s somewhat a surprise that only in recent years he’s begun picking up these picture books and diving into their world, too. He’s always looking for stories that resonate, and he loves finding them in the oddest of places. He mourns the passing of the Star Wars EU and is hoping to watch, play, read, and know everything ever, a work perpetually in progress.



Jake Thomas 

Twitter: @jthummus

Jake Thomas grew up in Canton, OH, amassing his collection of Star Wars action figures from an early age.  As a kid, his favorite activity was videotaping homemade movies of Indiana Jones, Batman, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and many other great characters.  He graduated from Malone University in 2007 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing.  His most recent fan films have included the award-winning web series The Adventures of Tiny Superman and the short One on One.  Jake also loves surfing, bike riding, General Tzo's chicken, his wife Erin, and their cats.




Jarret Mock


Jarret Mock, a new contributor to Fanboy Comics, currently resides in Los Angeles. He has worked in publishing and entertainment.









J.C. Ciesielski 

Twitter: @Hey_Its_JC


J.C. Ciesielski is a writer/actor/snark junkie living in Pittsburgh, PA.  He enjoys anime, movies, manga, video games, and the like. You can usually find him doing one of those things, probably while enjoying a frosty beverage.  He really enjoys making fun of stuff, but it doesn't come from a mean place, just finding the humor in everything.  For example, that shirt you're wearing.  Be sure to add him on Twitter and say, "Yo!"




Jordan CallarmanJordan Callarman
Twitter: @jordancallarman



Jordan Callarman is an actor/writer who hails from Parts Unknown, which is his way of romanticizing being from the suburbs of Houston. His first experience with comics was his dad reading Detective Comics #632 to him, and it’s all been downhill from there. Jordan dabbles in many realms of geekdom, but is a master of none, which you can read about at his sporadically updated blog, The Casual Fanboy. If you’re interested in the dramatic side of life, you can always check out his acting website. Or, you could attempt to drag him kicking and screaming into the 21st century by forcing him to use Twitter (@jordancallarman).






Joshua Desjardins

Twitter: @StageDork83

Joshua Desjardins is getting nerdier by the minute thanks to Fanboy Comics. His new love for comic books, obsessions with all things Star Wars and Harry Potter, his appreciation for video games, and his fascination with technology help make him New York City's favorite nerd. He even has his own cabaret show entitled "Nerds Among Us" to prove it!

Born and raised near Boston, Massachusetts, Joshua earned his B.F.A. in Musical Theatre at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. After college, he had the fortunate opportunity to work with Cabaret Pittsburgh, where he was lucky enough to work alongside legends such as Elaine Stritch, Stephen Schwartz, Tom Wopat, Amanda McBroom, and more!

In 2008, Joshua moved to New York City and never looked back! While still pursuing his dream of performing on Broadway, he also enjoys video editing and designing websites for fellow actors. For more about Joshua, check out his website at or follow his blog at  #spreadthenerd!



Madeleine Holly-Rosing 

A TV, feature film, and comic book writer, Madeleine is the winner of the Sloan Fellowship for screenwriting and the Gold Aurora and Bronze Telly for a PSA she wrote and co-produced with Women In Film. She also won numerous awards while completing the UCLA MFA Program in Screenwriting.

BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY webcomic is the recipient of an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Geekie Awards and was nominated for Best Comic/Graphic Novel for the 2014 Geekie Awards. The comic has also been nominated for a 2012 Airship Award, as well as a 2013 and a 2014 Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award. Her novella, Steampunk Rat, was also nominated for a 2013 Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award.

She currently has novelettes and novellas available in all eBook formats based on the BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY universe. Her goal is to eventually develop a series of novels based in this world.
Formerly a nationally ranked epee fencer, she has competed nationally and internationally. She is an avid reader of Steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, and historical military fiction. In addition to her M.F.A. from UCLA, Madeleine also holds a B.A. in Politics from U.C. Santa Cruz and an M.A. in Arabic and the Cultural History of the Arabs from Columbia University in New York.

Madeleine lives with her rocket scientist husband David and two rescue dogs, Ripley and Bishop.

She is represented by Melissa Rogal at Lichter, Grossman, Nichols, and Adler.



Michael Fitzgerald Troy

I Am Wonder Fan

Michael Fitzgerald Troy is a deeply superficial person. He writes Wonder Woman Wednesday and various other things for Fanbase Press.

Writer, artist, and actor, Michael's first published book was Homo-Hero's Big Book of Fun and Adventure. Michael also self-published The Blonde Squad (a comic about shallow, blonde superheroes) and Going Gaga! (a Lady Gaga tribute comic.) He has contributed to Instinct Magazine and various other publications. Michael also co-created and supplied the art for the short-lived Rocket Boy online comic strip.

Michael has performed stand-up comedy at every major comedy club in L.A., starred in the cult classic A Minute with Margot, (Lampooning Superman's Lois Lane waxing nostalgia about her hay day), and even made a brief appearance in an episode Keeping up With the Kardashians. (Don't blink or you might miss him!)

In addition to his contributions to Fanbase Press, Michael is working on various other projects, including a possible return of The Blonde Squad, a possible return to the comedy stage, and other "possibly" exciting things.



Paul Pakler 

Paul's Website:


Paul Pakler was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he first started acting professionally at the age of ten.  He graduated from Point Park University, summa cum laude, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting.  Paul was also presented with the Raymond Laine Outstanding Senior Award by Point Park’s Theatre Department.

Paul currently lives in New York City, but he has acted all over the country (and once in The Bahamas).  His skills as a character actor have led him to portray an array of roles and genres from broad physical comedy to intense drama.  For his performance as Ray in Joe Penhall’s Some Voices, Paul was awarded the OC Weekly Award for Outstanding Lead Actor, 2005.

In college Paul was a founding member of the sketch comedy group The Animal Club where he functioned as a writer as well as an actor.  Since that time Paul has written spec scripts, one-act plays, sketches and songs.  Last year he produced a workshop of A Night at the Agora, a comedic one-act that he co-wrote with Christopher Warren Gilbert.  Paul is currently developing a pilot script for a sitcom about homeless people in New York City titled Welcome to Paradise.

Recently, Paul has begun performing as a guitar comic around New York City.  He has performed at The Gotham Comedy Club and The Underground Lounge.



Peter Harmon

Peter's Website:
Twitter: @PeterLHarmon


Peter Harmon is a produced screenwriter living in Los Angeles with his wife, newborn son, and pug. After a short film that he directed, Jasper featuring Justin Grant Wade (aka Steve Holt! of Arrested Development) got noticed by a producer, he began writing movies for an independent film production company. Thus far, he's written four direct-to-DVD features including Nora's Hair Salon 3 and Walk By Faith 2: After the Honeymoon. He met Fanboy Comics President Bryant Dillon via a Craigslist Ad (it's not what you think, he swears!) and has been working with Fanboy Comics ever since.

He writes sketches for The Fanboy Scoop - A Week in Review, and his web series, The End., is featured weekly in The Fanboy Scoop.

He enjoys good TV and bad movies, has seen all the Saws in the theater (ditto with the Final Destinations, but, to his credit, he's usually drinking at the time), and Waterworld is his Star Wars. His favorite TV shows are The Wire and Arrested Development.

To follow Peter, check out his website and Twitter.



Phillip Kelly

Twitter: @phillipakabuddy


He imagines them waiting in anticipation for an answer, wondering: Who is Phillip Kelly? I was once told by a friend that what we do defines who we are. I like to tell stories. A lot. I’ve been accused of this, as if it was something to be held against me. Especially by my mother who always “caught” me in what she would call a “lie” . . . to each their own. Today, other than a few people, the entirety of nature and the pizza place just down the street, without hesitation, I can safely say – yes, I love stories more than anything else. Here are the ways in which I tell stories: acting; standup comedy; the silent half of the vaudeville duo, Mr. Snapper and Mr. Buddy (; the very vocal Jeremy Gayhorse and other comedy characters; filmmaking as a screenwriter, director, editor, producer; I have dipped my toes into the world of writing indie, self-published comics (which I will return to soon); writing/directing for live theatre/sketch comedy, which I have produced more than my fair share of; and tap dancing. I love movies of all kinds, classic lit, video games, opera, jazz, music, etc., and I spend way too much money on comic books every week. Oh, and peanut butter. I love peanut butter. So, to answer the question fairly and without bias: Who is Phillip Kelly? I like to think of myself as peanut butter.

Robert J BadenRobert J. Baden
Twitter: @FBC Geek

Since an early age, Rob has spent his life reading various words from novels to comics, and have written on a constant basis in a wide variety of areas. He originally considered a career in Computer Sciences only to switch paths to earn a degree in History with minors in Political Science and Media Communications. After working in the "real world" for several years, Rob earned a Masters in Higher Education Administration to follow his passion of helping to provide much needed services for college students. Not much of a "gamer," he enjoys wasting time in several fun ways and constantly misses tabletopping.

His days are spent working, reading, writing, and spending time with his loved ones who constantly remind him that he will forever be a Geek.



Russ Pirozek
Twitter: @RSPirozek

Russ Pirozek is a Michigan transplant now living in Southern California. From an early age, he embraced being a nerd and intended to work in video games as a concept artist.  It was while in art school that he discovered that art is super hard, and he wanted to be a writer anyways.

Now, a few years into that dream, Russ is a published freelance comic book writer and avid loud-talker about television, movies, gaming, and comics.

His Twitter is @RSPirozek, just in case you wanted to see him not tweet.



Simply Jack

Born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire, Jack is heavily influenced by his childhood. He was regularly beaten (in a nice way) by his gigantic brother and learned to bond with the farm animals (in a non-gross way) for comfort. Then, his Dad slaughtered them and fed them to Jack, and he ran off to the city for a kinder/gentler existence. So, he chose NY. That was not nice enough, so Jack immediately left for Toronto 15 years later and is now learning to speak Canadian. Eh? Sorry.

He loves comics and grew up with the mutants of Xavier’s Academy and a Robin who was bashed to death by Joker. Choose your own adventure books were the norm, and the farthest from mainstream comics he ever got was Strikeforce Morituri (Still an amazing series – READ IT!), and Checkmate. The big city bashed all the creativity and edge from Jack’s life, and he took a comic sabbatical for 15 years . . . only to be roped back in by Stephen King’s Dark Tower comics.

But, when he got roped back into comics, he had income, no life (It’s Jack, after all.), and access to some of the best indie and mainstream comics in the world. (NYC, remember?) He’s been supporting a $100/week habit for the last decade and is officially a nerd.

What does he like? Everything, really – Marvel, DC, Grimm Fairy Tales, indies, video games, classics (books), zombies, hot girls (including his wife – sorry, ladies.), and punk rock. He also likes attention, so comment on his stuff. A lot. He also likes making fun of Canadians. And, sometimes, writing about himself in the third person.


Steven W Alloway BWSteven W. Alloway 

Steven's website:
Twitter: @ingrediments

Steven W. Alloway is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Professionally, he writes articles about Internet Marketing and occasional blog posts about air conditioning, as well as a variety of other topics that are not as boring as they sound. In his spare time, he writes sci-fi and fantasy stories, which are also sometimes about air conditioning. He's the author of the short story "The Man in the Mirror," which was recently published in the fantasy/crime anthology "Mortis Operandi," as well as the children's sci-fi story "Riley and the Paranormal Phenomenon." Both are available on Amazon, if you care to look.

A lifelong theater geek, Steven also runs the community theater troupe Spirit OnStage, as well as its film offshoot, Spirit OnScreen, which between them produce plays, short videos, webseries, and other forms of entertainment, on a virtually nonexistent budget. Having grown up with Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, his dream is one day to create something that inspires a fandom.

In his spare time, Steven enjoys reading, baking, and watching movies. If this writing thing doesn't work out, he hopes to pursue a second career as a time traveling secret agent.

Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer was born in Michigan, grew up in Illinois, and now resides in Los Angeles, California, and believe it or not, he actually misses winter (and likes to uses commas, a lot).  Studying English and Theatre at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, Tim always knew what he wanted to do as a career . . . sort of.  He wanted to write, but writing takes so very many forms, and so Tim found himself a bit lost in the ether after graduation.  Then came the decision to move to Los Angeles, where he attended a one-year screenwriting course at the New York Film Academy (in California – yes, it’s all very confusing, but the name is almost a MacGuffin, because it’s the education that really mattered).

Thanks to lifelong interests and some friendly connections, Tim was drawn into the world of animation writing and soon after comic book writing, and has been traveling down that road ever since, every once in a while taking divergent paths into short stories and poetry.  He works freelance, mainly writing for himself, but his goal is to one day write for you . . . and to have you pay him, too. Well, not you specifically pay him, unless you have something you want him to write.  What he means is he wants to write something that you watch or read that he was paid for writing.  And, yes, he is still working on “getting to the point,” but that is part of his charm, at least he hopes it is.  

Obviously, humor is an important part of Tim’s life and writing, and creativity is a constant.  Family and friends inspire him, and he highly values the time he gets to spend with them, which by all accounts isn’t nearly enough.  He also loves nostalgia and to jot down ideas in notebooks, and while you’ll rarely find him inside the box, you’ll never find him without a pen.


Tony Caballero headshotTony Caballero 

Tony's website:
Twitter: @tony_caballero

Tony Caballero discovered comic books after his father left a box of them behind in the divorce.  He got the better end of the deal, and a lifelong love of storytelling was born.   Condemned by prophecy (and teachers and his own wicked soul) to be a writer, he received his B.A. in Film/TV from Chapman University and his M.F.A. in screenwriting from UCLA.  In addition to his day job, Tony was the Literary Director at the Attic Theatre in Los Angeles, directing the Southern California premiere of Starcrossed ( and is currently the Director of Publicity for and a writer/executive producer on The Katniss Chronicles.  His most recent movie, Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story, was produced by Lifetime.

Likes: Springsteen, good books, intelligent movies, clean modern architecture, smart, cute girls with glasses, and rain.
Dislikes: Bad drivers, trendy food, heat waves, and writer's block.

Tony is haunted by the ocean, the smell of old books, and the sound of train whistles, all of which appear in his best writing.

Travis Lakata

Twitter: @stlakata

Travis’ writing and editing by day is usually revolved around marketing copy, but by night, he turns his talents toward the creative realm, which he plans to make a full-time reality at some point. He hopes to publish a collection of his short stories ranging from general to science fiction, and has self-published three books in the Weiland Kershaw series, with the fourth currently in edit.

He grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation, video games like Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus, and playing basketball almost every day of his youth. His favorite comic books early on were X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and WildC.A.T.S. The book that catapulted his love of science fiction happens to still be his favorite – Sphere by Michael Crichton.

Now, his wife and kids drive him to keep doing what he loves, because he wants his kids to know it’s okay to go for it. His go-to show is still TNG, but close behind all-time are Fringe and Lost. His ultimate goal is to be a fiction writer of novels, short stories, comic books, TV shows, or movies.

Some of my favorites:
Food: Nachos
Date Night Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
TNG Book: Dark Mirror

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