‘Katrina Hates the Dead:’ Comic Book Review (So . . . the Apocalypse Sucks the Big One)

Blame it on the uncertainty that accompanies a modern world shaken by a severely damaged global economy, violent ideological extremists, and continuously worsening climate change, but apocalyptic (and post-apocalyptic) stories are at the forefront of pop culture these days. Whether it be the stark and harsh realism of The Walking Dead, the epic sci-fi flavor of The Hunger Games, or the hilarious and campy nature of stories like Zombieland, it seems clear that the public distrusts authority, has a cynical feeling about the future, and wants to read, watch, and consume TONS of stories about the end of the world! Not content to let others have all the fun, writer Russell Nohelty (Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter) has thrown his hat in the post-apocalyptic arena with his snarky, sexy, and a attitude-filled new comic, Katrina Hates the Dead.

Katrina Hates the Dead is set on Earth after the biblical rapture takes place. Naturally, those who were left behind are more than a little grumpy, especially when the demonic hordes get tired of slaughtering the innocent and set up in suburbia, forcing the remaining humans to find work at the only places still hiring in this hellish existence: fast food restaurants. This is the existence our jaded, rough-and-tumble hero (or anti-hero) Katrina finds herself in. Katrina works a dead-end job at the local pizza joint and spends her free time trying to keep her friends from dying, avoiding her undead former roommate, and fending off Thomas, a horny demon who wants a second romp in the hellfire with this tough cookie. Obviously convinced that the apocalypse “sucks donkey balls,’ Katrina eventually sets out on a mission with her friends (some alive, some dead) to the center of Hell itself in order to slay Satan and end the apocalypse for good!

Take it from this Comic Book Slayer, fans of edgy horror comics like Hack/Slash or tongue-in-cheek horror tales like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland will devour this book like starving zombies devour fresh brains. The creative team behind Katrina Hates the Dead is an impressive one. Artist Juan Frigeri’s work is expressive, exciting, and sets a fun, yet thrilling, tone throughout the story. Frigeri also delivers some utterly beautiful covers for the beginning of each issue, which reminded of the stellar cover work Jo Chen did for Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 comic. Frigeri’s interior art is superb, as well, and benefits from the talents of colorist Thomas Bacon. Colors can make or break a book, and Bacon easily raises the quality of Katrina Hates the Dead by a few notches. Finally, writer Russell Nohelty deserves the monster’s share of the credit for giving Frigeri and Bacon a story beyond the normal, predictable, and pedantic horror comics that seem to consistently be in mass supply. While I must admit that I enjoyed the paranoid, cerebral, and quirky feel of Ichabod Jones:  Monster Hunter slightly more (read my review here), Katrina Hates the Dead is clever, action-packed, and full of witty laughs. Nohelty has weaved several interesting twists into his demon-filled story, and the final page is absolutely killer on many levels, giving each member of the creative team an opportunity to shine.

When it comes to missteps, there are not many that I can pin to Katrina Hates the Dead, given how well it delivers the story it promises and Nohelty’s refusal to write the predictable. Honestly, my biggest complaint is one that most readers will never be aware of and this is the abandonment of the original title: Katrina Hates Dead S---. I can understand the difficulties behind such a name, both for commercial and review purposes, but the original title just perfectly nails the “what the f@#% are you looking at” attitude of the lead character and the book itself.

You can find out more about Katrina Hates the Dead and read a free preview at the Allegory Media website.

FINAL SCORE: 4 Decapitated Demons out of 5

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! And, remember, watching a donkey show is six mortal sins in under an hour. (It only takes one to book a ticket to Hell!) 

’Till the end of the world,

-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


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