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‘Chew #42:’ Advance Comic Book Review

When a comic is on its 42nd issue, it must be doing something right, and, boy, is Chew doin’ it right!  Caution, this issue might be spoiled.

Something fishy is going on 600 meters below the surface in the Yamapalu Sea Station, when FDA Agent Chu is sent (or forced) to investigate the murder of U.S.D.A Agent Sammich J. Harper, a decorated Naval Seal assigned to security detail aboard the station. Seems a little too normal for the likes of Chew . . . unless that former Naval Seal was an actual semi-aquatic marine animal, then, of course, it’s a COMPLETELY normal assignment for Agent Chu.

Meanwhile, following the shockingly awesome events of Issue #41, John Colby and Mr. Applebee are celebrating their Vegas marriage with all . . . and I mean ALL of Applebee’s extended family. We definitely see where Applebee get’s his . . . um . . . goo . . . looks and char . . . oh nevermind. IT’S A ROOM FULL OF APPLEBEES in all shapes, sizes, and hairstyles. Good luck, Colby. You’re gonna need it, if you’re part of this nightmare of a family.

Chew #42 continues the meat of the last installment, Family Recipes, with the return of recently incarcerated Mason Savoy as he teams up with Colby, Caesar Applebee, and Olive Chu to investigate the origin of the Bird Flu epidemic, the ominous alien skywriting, and, hopefully, bring down The Collector.

While Bad Apples and Family Recipes took readers on a slightly (and by slightly, I mean ‘not really’) darker route in the storyline with the death of Tony’s twin sister Antonelle, Chicken Tenders brings back the insanity this book is known for, and the ride is ten times more fun with “Gives No Clucks” Tony.

This is one of the most original comics you can find in your local comic shop, and if you aren’t devouring Chew, you should reconsider your current life choices.  The always entertaining John Layman and his partner in food-related crime and master of the seek-and-find panel jokes, artist Rob Guillory, are killing it in the latest issue of Chew. I can’t wait to see what these guys have got in store for the rest of Chicken Tenders.

Chew is a five-star gourmet comic experience, kiddies.

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