World of Webcomics: ‘Two Lumps’

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In a world full of webcomics about gamers, slice-of-life adventures, fantasy, and science-fiction, comes the tale of Eben and Snooch, two cats living with their owner in Texas.  As cats are known to do, these two get into all kinds of trouble simply be being who they, but their level of curiosity and scheming is way above what someone would consider a normal domesticated feline to be capable of, especially in regards to gooshy food and the Internet.  Two Lumps updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at


Art Style

While it certainly isn’t what I would describe as the best artwork around, it is pretty consistent and shows a great deal of detail in scenes and interactions.  Going off of that, however, it also doesn’t show too much detail, showing only what is really relevant to the scene being told.  That isn’t to say that the artwork is bad—quite the contrary, I believe it is well done and has certainly improved over time—but in the grand scheme of things, the artwork is not what continues to draw my attention to the comic update after update.

Writing and Dialogue

The thing that really makes this comic work is the writing and interaction between the two cats, Eben and Snooch.  As a cat owner who has had cats that embody both the relative stupidity and stubbornness displayed in Snooth, as well as the straightforward, almost methodical planning as shown by Eben, I can greatly identify with the characters and their adventures.  It is almost as if Grant and Hynes could tap into the thinking processes of my cats and see just what goes on inside their heads; if they can, then that’s scary, because my cats are weird, and so are Eben and Snooch.  However they do it, the whole interaction between these two felines is what makes Two Lumps such an enjoyable comic and really perks up my day.  The only downside to the storytelling I have is the times when the characters parody a popular film or book, such as the Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.  It seems to have let up a bit recently, which is good, but I am fearful of them coming back again in the future.  It kind of reminds me of all of the times Sluggy Freelance did it in the past, and that was one of the main reasons why I stopped reading it.


If you’re a cat owner, or at least have a fondness for cats, then this comic will certainly appeal to you.  Even if you’re not that big a fan of cats, the hilarity that these two domesticated felines undertake will make you laugh.  There’s very little in the way of overarching plot, allowing for a new reader to quickly pick up things without too much background, and a lot of the comics can be read out of order.  So, if you enjoy a good laugh without a lot of serious drama involved, be sure to give this comic a try.

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