‘Buzzkill #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

With each new issue of Buzzkill, we learn a little more about the superhero/recovering alcoholic whose name isn’t Ruben. We’re three quarters through now, and a lot of the pieces alluded to in the first two issues are finally starting to fall into place.

In the last issue, Ruben had to deal with the villains of his past. Now, he has to deal with the heroes. As part of his 12 steps, he’s trying to make amends for his past mistakes, and his former colleagues aren’t making it easy on him. Fortunately, though he’s alienated just about everyone else in his life, he still has his sponsor, Doctor Blaqk. Doctor Blaqk is also not making things easy on him, but not from any animosity. It’s simply because recovery isn’t easy.

Unlike Ruben’s former colleagues, however, Doctor Blaqk is inherently awesome. He’s a ridiculously powerful magician who can break the fourth wall, as well as teleport people to alternate dimensions by pointing a finger at them and saying, “Pew! Pew! Pew!” He’s crazy and funny and definitely the best part of this comic.

This is a solid issue and generally fun, with plenty of action. It’s sadly not as powerful or as poignant as the previous issue, because it focuses more on the external obstacles and less on Ruben’s struggle with his inner demons, which is what makes this comic unique. Still, that’s easily forgiven, as it spends a lot of time finally answering the questions that it’s left ambiguous up until now. And, there’s more than enough here to keep us entertained and make it worth reading. Without giving anything away, the final issue next month promises to be something pretty epic. We’ll see if it can deliver.

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