Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor

Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor

Corporatica presents us with a world in a fever dream.  Seen through the perceptions of a man who might be crazy, who might be the only sane person left, we are treated to a cacophony of sight and text that beguiles with its confusion, drawing us in, because we simply aren’t given much to go on, but what is there . . .

Before my editor handed me this book to review, I had never heard of Harvey Kurtzman. I didn’t know that he was the man who created MAD Magazine, who had built the first graphic novel, and had subverted so much of this country’s youth for many, many years.

Minsc is everything.

The third issue of Legends of Baldur’s Gate is exactly the fun, smashing time I was looking for after Issue #2 got its exposition out of the way.  Though there’s just as much gleaned in these pages as in that issue, it all happens on the fly during an episode of Little Rascals Go to Downton Abbey.

America.  Proud, full of opportunity and wonder. Natural and man-made wonders that are her best face looking at the world and saying, “Here, I am! Here’s the power of my dream!”  But, what about the dark side of freedom?  The holes in the soul that opportunity can leave?  The stories that you hear and are always ready to dismiss, because, “That’s something that only happens when things get out of hand.”  What about the side of you that only an outsider can see?

Not a whole lot of people can identify with an English schoolgirl falling down a rabbit hole, though enough of us have daydreamed of exploring a strange wonderland.  Micheline Hess takes a familiar story and introduces us to Lilly Brown, a young girl who dreads the boredom of a summer filled with chores and health food and ends up trapped in a world that makes even less sense to her than the once she misplaced.

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