S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Contributor

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Contributor

Star Trek: Boldly Go #9 and its story have a direct correlation with the cover page. The regular cover artwork has a calming effect with a serene image of Uhura at the forefront. As she looks out into the distance, Spock and other Vulcans stand behind her, as if patiently waiting, expecting something to happen. The nuances of this scene provide a wonderful sense of anticipation for what you’re about to experience as you flip through the pages. George Caltsoudas is the artist for this main cover page, as there are three additional variant covers, and he knows how to translate the story within onto the cover page. Another perfect example of his abilities can be seen in Issue #3, where feelings of anxiety bubble to the surface as the Borg land on an alien planet with dramatic force.

If you love movies, comic books, and lists, then get ready for the Top 100 Comic Book Movies from IDW Publishing and Fantastic Press. Writer Gary Gerani presents his view on the wonderful world of comic books by listing his rankings “for the cinema’s most significant live-action comic book adaptations.”

What age is appropriate to take kids to their first comic convention? Perhaps parents have already brought their newborns to a comic book convention or cosplayed as Alana and Marko from Saga. Perhaps you’ve attended a con as a family of Deadpools.

Image Comics presents a fantasy world filled with war and servitude. The Eternal Empress has been fighting against the countries of Saia for more than a century, and the red-tailed minions have been all too eager to punish those that halt her progress: either by failing to farm the lands or stealing food. The first issue introduces a young woman’s path as she struggles with her meager existence under the Eternal Empress, while strange visions cause her to question the life she’s living, and the glimmering thoughts push her to escape.

For those looking to avoid any spoilers, please read all of the following Reborn issues (or reviews) before continuing:

Reborn #1, Reborn #2, Reborn #3, Reborn #4, Reborn #5

Should Youngblood come back? Does this team deserve to be rejuvenated with new members? This is the major idea behind Youngblood #2, and it doesn’t appear to be an easily answered question from past members and soon-to-be new ones, too.

The gods are alive with the sound of music. Ancient gods return to the world every ninety years. They have a two-year run – meaning, they have powers and the ability to do a lot of damage - but in the end, they’re human. After these two years, some of which are surrounded by a rave of people dancing to beats, their lives come to an end. Do they have a larger role in the grand scheme of things? Is a short window of time only meant to absorb as much love and anger as humanly possible, or is there a coming darkness they’re supposed to stop, while they have time?

The Eisner Award for “The Best Publication for Kids (ages 8 – 12) is the what. Writer and artist Faith Erin Hicks is the who. And The Adventures of Superhero Girl is the why. The 2014 award winner and Dark Horse Books will reintroduce Superhero Girl in a soon-to-be-released expanded hardcover edition, which will include new stories and artwork.

Giant Days from BOOM! Box, under the umbrella of BOOM! Studios, continues to stand out, and shout, as a fantastic ongoing series. It revolves around three main characters: Daisy, Esther, and Susan. These three roommates find their way through college life, while continuing to understand their place in the world and adjust to their surrounding relationships.

Today’s world is full of opportunities for your kids to be active, and as it becomes more technologically advanced, the activities become even more hands-on. Not only are there a wondrous number of devices to play apps on, but the types of games available are seemingly endless. Today on the Geeky Parent Guide, we’ll take a look at a number of applications appropriate for toddlers to younger children (ages 2 through 6) and provide some insight into how the app plays, while also providing ratings when applicable.

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