Gabe Cheng, Fanbase Press Contributor

Gabe Cheng, Fanbase Press Contributor

Jenner Faulds posed as a man to fight in the War of the Harshlands. After the war ended, she became a "Fairman" private investigator. As the only "Fairlady" in The Feld, she gets kicked the work that no one else wants. But, sometimes, the least desirable cases are the most crucial. In their new genre-blending collaboration, writer Brian Schirmer and artist Claudia Balboni drop a private eye procedural into a colorful, but perilous, fantasy world.

Hit-Girl's plan to bring murder and mayhem to the city of angels hits an unexpected obstacle in part two of The Golden Rage of Hollywood. Writer Kevin Smith and artist Pernille Ørum follow up their ultra violent first issue with a more emotionally impactful installment that sets the stage for a bigger bloodbath still to come.

Old grudges and new revelations push washed-up artist Hal Crane over the edge in the heated conclusion to the two-part Bad Weekend storyline. In Criminal #3, noir masters Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips complete their journey through the dark underbelly of the comic book creators community.

After the heat death of the universe, the last of humanity has gathered on the Orpheus station, awaiting the next big bang. For two years, they stare helplessly into the void, and then all of a sudden, something stares back. Infinite Dark: Vol. 1 collects the first four issues of writer Ryan Cady and artist Andrea Mutti's thoughtful science fiction horror.

The lauded sword-and-shield epic, The Last Siege, is finally collected into one blood-soaked volume. Against the backdrop of medieval warfare, writer Landry Q. Walker and artist Justin Greenwood tell a massive story that is surprisingly intimate and wholly entertaining.

The next level of drone warfare is Hardcore. In the government's top-secret Hardcore Program, agents project into living human hosts to eliminate high-level targets. But the new technology has just fallen into the wrong hands. In this month's Hardcore #3, writer Andy Diggle and artist Alessandro Vitti build off the intensity of the previous installments by expanding the scope of their story and significantly raising the stakes.

Fair warning that this month's installment of Criminal does not continue the Teeg Lawless story from January's critically acclaimed first issue. But don't be deterred, because powerhouse creators Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips deliver a new story in Criminal #2 that does not disappoint.

In the days before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a sandstorm on Jakku reveals the final resting place of the Imperial Star Destroyer Spectral. The lost behemoth has become the stuff of legends in the years since the fall of the Empire, and the dwellers of Nima Outpost believe it to be haunted.

In the days before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the shifting sands of Jakku revealed the final resting place of the Imperial Star Destroyer Spectral. Since the Empire's fall, the lost behemoth has become the stuff of legends and ghost stories among the desert dwellers. In the first issue of Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down, intrepid scavenger Rey races to be the first to the relic with junk boss Unkar Plutt and his cronies close on her heels. The second issue picks up with Rey repelling into a dark corridor of the scuttled ship. She comes across Z2-Z2, a rebel astromech droid who's been aboard the Spectral since its last stand. Zeet helps her to safety and gives her an interface key with a holographic recording of rebel pilot Bak Rychuk. And the recording may just have the answers to how the Spectral came to be buried in the sand. The backup story, titled "The Ghost Ship," takes place three decades earlier during the battle of Jakku. The Spectral comes out of hyperspace above Jakku badly damaged. Rebels Bak Rychuk and Zeet find themselves trapped on the star destroyer just as its experimental new weapon causes a critical systems malfunction.

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