‘Joe Golem: Occult Detective - The Conjurors #3’ - Advance Comic Book Review

Between this issue and the last, the world of Joe Golem has somersaulted and ended upside down for good. There’s no going back. These issues were like the bullet to the head of Joe. In a way, it’s heroic - the re-birth of something greater to fight evil - but, at the same time, it’s deeply sad and almost tragic. I think anyone who has been reading the series knew this was eventually going to happen, but, as it was finally happening, my emotions were greatly conflicted.

Joe Golem isn’t just a regular detective fighting against the occult. He’s also, as the name heavily implies, a golem who was given a soul. Over the last three story arcs, we’ve seen his past and his present at warm and at the center of that war has been Mr. Church. Church has been using Joe as his hammer against evil, pointing the way and allowing Joe to do the fighting. His methods have been in an ethical and moral grey zone to say the least, toying with Joe’s humanity while keeping secret his past.

Now, as a mad scientist (Dr. Cocteau) is about to open a doorway to the Outer Dark, a place where all the Old Gods of the Cthulhu mythos chill, leaving Chruch to make a decision. He’s made too many decisions for Joe. It’s been one of the main through lines of the series, creating, at times, an emotional roller coaster for the reader. It makes for the Church/Joe relationship to be an incredibly complex game of Jenga that these last few issues have really explored.

Where this will go, I don’t know, but I’m so incredibly involved in this story and with these characters right now that I want the next two issues to come out next week!

Creative Team: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden (writer, creator), Peter Bergting (artist), Michelle Madsen (colors), Dave Palumbo (cover art)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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