‘Invisible Kingdom #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Quick recap: The Sundog crew is on the run, not just from the Lux Corp., but also the Renunciation, because of information they inadvertently uncovered about the secret relationship between the two organizations. Oh, and Vess, an Initiate of the Renunciation is onboard with corroborating information. Things aren’t looking all too great for the motley crew.

G. Willow Wilson closes out her first arc beautifully. There’s the requisite big showdown with Lux enforcers, and there are some lovely tender moments sprinkled in here and there. Things do get pretty tense, but we leave off on a new, hopeful note of the possibility of new adventures when the crew returns (with the promise that some old conflicts will be back to bite the crew in the ass). Vess’ inclusion in the crew is very new so far, and I think that it has some serious potential for conflict and growth for all parties involved.

I don’t know how else to say this other than that Christian Ward’s art has been a bloody revelation to me. It’s just quite simply freakin’ beautiful. There is a watercolor quality to it but without sacrificing the sharpness in his character work. The colors are gorgeous and truly captivating! Space has never looked better!

Final thoughts: I’ve really enjoyed this new series. I think that Wilson, Ward, et al have created a pretty special universe that we need to see more of. Along with the familiar themes of family (birth and chosen) and the David-vs.-Goliath struggles, I think there’s an important intersection of gender, religion, and cultural identity here that really bears mentioning. And I’m glad that Dark Horse, as an independent publisher here, respects and honors that voice.  

Creative Team: G. Willow Wilson (writer), Christian Ward (artist), Sal Cipriano (letterer)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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