‘Angel #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

A quick recap of Angel #2: Issue #2 showed us a bit more of Angel’s dark past with Mara, the warrior he corrupted to his cause.  We also get an idea of the MO of Angel’s death squad: They’re harbingers of the apocalypse. In the present, after a conversation with Lilith, he’s clued into the new innocent that he has to protect. A fan favorite character is introduced in a different, but somewhat familiar, context. Spoiler alert: It’s Fred!

Things pick up right where we left off last issue, but that scuffle is dealt with pretty quickly, though the social media demon is still a looming concern. Things slow down quite a bit after that, but that’s not to say that it gets boring. Far from it really, since we get some really nifty foreshadowing about Angel’s future team. Looks like we’re gunning for some familiar situations soon.

Bryan Edward Hill knocks it out of the park with this issue. I’m intrigued and excited about the new team being hinted at. Fred’s character has been remixed somewhat, and that’s awesome in my book. The glimpses at Angel’s past definitely play up his evil side. Really would like to see where all that evil past stuff is leading.  Interestingly enough, it seems that we’re eschewing the Angel/Angelus distinction here, which I think makes for a much more nuanced character study, especially in light of how even ensouled Angel could be responsible for some pretty dark stuff. With the next issue closing out the first arc and leading into the Hellmouth crossover, I wonder if Angel’s past posse will play a role in that event at all since their mission – as revealed in Issue #2 – seems pretty apocalyptic. What could be more apocalyptic than the opening of the Hellmouth?
Artwise, things remain pretty solid. Roman Titov steps in as the colorist of this issue, and there doesn’t seem to be a real change in style or palette. Gleb Melnikov really nails some of the darker and more gruesome aspects of this story. Some of his panels are downright creepy, in a good way.  

Overall: There are some hints at the new Team Angel (Will it be called Angel Investigations?) and a panel to launch the shippers into a tizzy. Hill is shaping a new Angel here, and it’s looking pretty good.   

Creative Team: Bryan Edward Hill (writer), Gleb Melnikov (artist), Roman Titov (colorist), Ed Dukeshire (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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