10 Canon-Worthy Moments from Angel: After The Fall


With the launch of Dark Horse Comics’ Angel & Faith series upon us, I wanted to recap some of the truly canon-worthy moments of IDW’s Angel: After The Fall. If you haven’t had a chance to read Brian Lynch’s epic “sixth season” of Angel, then you’ve really missed out. While IDW’s Angel series had a shaky path once they began switching writers, Lynch’s After The Fall is a triumph, managing to feel like a true and worthy chapter in the Angel series. Some of this can be attributed to the fortune Lynch had in being able to meet and take notes from Joss himself before starting to write, but it takes a truly talented individual to craft a tale where the characters feel so right, yet are still pushed to places you’d never imagined! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lynch is the new Joss.

Pariah #2 Review (And Preview!)

Following Sam's review, check out the six-page preview of Pariah #2, below!


So, if you read my review of Pariah #1, you know that the story takes place in 2025 North America and follows a hyper-intelligent, teenage "Vitro," short for in vitro genetic manipulation, named Brent Marks.  Unfortunately, Brent is not just super smart, he also happens to be socially awkward and determined to blend in with the crowd, despite being surrounded by a bunch of high-schoolers who see him as a freakish test-tube baby.  Brent's life gets very complicated, however, when a group of "Vitros" are blamed for a lab explosion and the subsequent release of a virus that kills thousands of people. Pariah #2 leaves Brent and, instead, follows the group of teen "Vitros" working at the lab, who are allegedly responsible for the release of the virus.  The fact that they seem to be the victims of a set-up doesn't stop the law from attempting to bring them down with alarming force.  Notice that word "attempting."  So, like a fiery, adolescent, and overachieving band of “Merry Men” (and Women), they remain in the woods, synthesizing moonshine and determining their next move.


About ten minutes ago, I finished the first season of Twin Peaks. I had seen the show several years ago, but I can’t remember if I watched it on VHS or DVD, if that gives any idea about how long ago that was. I can say that I saw Twin Peaks before Bryan Singer’s X-Men was released in 2000. Wow, I’m old. So, this is the part of the piece where I give a brief overview of the show.

August 29


The Staff of Fanboy Comics warned you that this day would come.  In fact, we traveled through time on August 4th to tell you about the activation of Skynet.  And now, prepare to welcome our new computer overlords; it is Judgment Day.


Judgment Day, also known as J-Day, refers to the day in the Terminator film that the artificial intelligence Skynet became self aware and started a nuclear strike on America, Russia, and other regions, killing three billion people.  Due to the effects of time travel, as well as several film, TV, and novel adaptations of the Terminator story, the month, day, and year of Judgment Day has varied over the years.


Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) first learned about Judgment Day in 1984 from Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), a soldier sent from the future to protect her from an assassination by a Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger).


On this special day, we accept that our world will be taken over by a computer-based race of machines.  But, that is no reason to be down in the dumps.  Until the machines arrive, celebrate today's other important occasion: Fanboy Comics Contributor J.C. Ciesielski's birthday!


Happy Birthday, J.C., from all of us at Fanboy Comics!


Barbra Dillon
Managing Editor, Co-Founder, & Director of Jedi Recruitment

August 28


The Staff of Fanboy Comics would like to wish you and yours a very happy Read Comics in Public* Day!  (*If you live on the East Coast, it is permissible to read comics inside today.)


This special day is as simple as it sounds... go and read comics in public!  Read Comics in Public Day was created by Brian Heater and Sarah Morean of The Daily Cross Hatch in 2010 in an attempt to encourage fans to show their geek pride for all to see.  Over the years, comics and graphic novels have grown in popularity and social acceptance, but we as geeks should always to do our part to encourage that growth.


Nervous to read comics in public by yourself?  Not to worry!  There are groups meeting all over the world to sit quietly and read together.  To find out if there is a group meeting near you, check out The Daily Cross Hatch and ReadComicsInPublic.com.


The FBC Crew will be reading comics in public today at North Hollywood Park.  We hope that you will join us in celebrating this special day!


Barbra Dillon
Managing Editor, Co-Founder, & Director of Jedi Recruitment

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:


The Staff of Fanboy Comics was sad to hear that Wizard World's Los Angeles Comic-Con, originally scheduled for September 24-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, was postponed and/or cancelled just a few weeks prior to its launch.


But, have no fear, faithful readers!  Our friends at Comikaze Expo have graciously offered to redeem all cancelled Wizard World tickets for Comikaze Expo tickets!  Read more about the ticket replacement process, below, in Comikaze's press release.


The End. A Web Series.

The robots have taken over and there are only a few survivors left.
(The End. is a post-apocalyptic buddy comedy.)

Catch a new episode on the Fanboy Comics website every Friday!


Starring: Bryan Mayer and Justinh Avery

Directed by Peter Harmon

Written by Bryan Mayer

Director of Photography: Rick Bickerstaff

Edited by Jason Marsh

Sound Design and Sound Editing by Ian Becker

Produced by Bryan Mayer

Co-Produced by Justinh Avery, Peter Harmon, Ian Becker, Rick Bickerstaff, and Jason Marsh


The Fanboy Comics Rating Agency (consisting of FBC President Bryant Dillon, two cans of Monster energy drink, and Bryant’s imaginary friend, Floyd the womp rat) announced Friday that it has downgraded the geek credit rating of many top ranked figures in Geekdom.

"The downgrade reflects our opinion that these once worthy and geeky figures now, in current times, fall short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize their own geek cred dynamics in the Geekdom community," the agency said about the move. The downgrade was announced after the FBC Rating Agency completed some truly bad-@$$ rounds of Halo: Reach (online multiplayer, of course).

Below is a list of the affected geek parties and an explanation from the Fanboy Comics Rating Agency regarding why each party received the greek cred downgrade.

When I reviewed The Troll Hunter, I mistakenly identified it as the only foreign film I saw at Sundance 2011. I’m not sure how the very first film I saw that week slipped my mind, especially one so crude and darkly humorous, but it’s about time I reviewed it. Irish black comedy The Guard is an immersive character study with an underlying thriller plot line. Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges, The Harry Potter Series) stars as unorthodox Sergeant Gerry Boyle. His offensive, lazy, and naïve façade make him an unlikely protagonist, but Gleeson’s performance lends this film its best attributes. The supporting cast assists him with a mixture of quirky and straight-man performances, making The Guard a colorful film despite an average plot.

The FBC Crew got the scoop on the new Star Wars: The Blueprints from Lucasfilm and Epic Ink!  Providing an extensive look at the designs behind the saga, Star Wars: The Blueprints is an extra-large format, hardbound masterpiece, essential for any Star Wars fan!





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