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BOOM! Studios Releases an Exclusive Advance Preview of ‘Regular Show #24’

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing Regular Show #24 on Wednesday, June 10, written by Mad Rupert, illustrated by Allison Strejlau, and with cover art by Zé Burnay and Hyojin Bae. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #24!

Synopsis: The Dinosaur Aliens have begun their invasion of Earth! Rigby and Hi-Five Ghost track down the video store clerk who told them about the movie and discover the one thing that can stop all of this: a time machine.

We hope that you will enjoy the below preview, and please be sure to stop by your local comic book shop on Wednesday to purchase your copy of Regular Show #24!

Last modified on Friday, 31 July 2015 15:23