‘Conan the Slayer #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Cullen Bunn (Harrow County) brings his swift and poetic cadence to the violent world of Conan and makes it feel and sound like something just short of Old English poetry. The juxtaposition of heightened prose against this violent world is a really fun counterbalance.

This is Conan at his best, where he's roughest around the edges, and letterers Richard Starkings and Comicraft box every line of Conan’s dialogue into misshapen, block-like bubbles just to show that he sounds more awesome than everyone else. It’s a nice, little cue that heightens the imagination while reading.

Here, we find Conan coming from a massacre. He was the only survivor on the losing side. Wounded, he makes his way across the desert, the winning team tracking him. One should know never to corner a wounded Conan. Violence and bloodletting follow before Conan wanders into a village and finally passes out.

Cullen Bunn is having an extraordinary time here, and Sergio Davila (artist) clearly relishes the chance to play in this sandbox. This is a world of great warriors with the most violent measures speaking the loudest.

But, this Conan is also world-weary and somber. There is the melancholy of defeat in his eyes. His humanity is bared in finely tuned moments. There is a vulnerability somewhere in there.

I love this kind of story, and I love Cullen Bunn’s work. So far, it’s a perfect pairing.

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