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Finding DoryMy favorite part of Finding Nemo is the scene where Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) explains her short-term memory disorder to Marlin (Albert Brooks). “It runs in my family," she explains. “At least, I think it does . . . where are they?”

We’re about to find that out.


One DIrection*Please note that this article is an opinion-editorial.

I can’t believe I’m writing this.

I really despise boy bands.  I especially hate calling them bands.  They’re not bands.  They’re singing groups made up of a collection of boys.  Bands play instruments.  Bands express themselves through the songs they write.  Singing groups made up of a collection of boys tend to have little control over their own music.  They’re not artists in any discernable way.  They just do what they’re handlers tell them to do.  The Rolling Stones are a band.  Green Day is a band.  The Black Keys are a band.  Hell, even Hanson was a band.


Justified S4E12Last week, Justified pulled off one of the best episode they’ve ever done, as the Marshalls had to get very clever in order to usher the newly capture Drew Thompson out of a Gauntlet-style ambush.  Tough guys said tough things.  Patton Oswalt took a severe beating and killed a guy.  It was tremendous fun.



Justified S4E9That. Was. Awesome.

In the past two weeks on Justified, we’ve had the reveal of the season-long mystery of Drew Thompson’s identity and last week’s moving of the plot’s chessboard setting up the remaining three episodes.  The table was set for all kinds of shenanigans to go down in Harland County.  Last night’s edition didn’t disappoint.


Veronica Mars Kickstarter$663, 087.

That’s the total right now, and I’ll give updates as I’m writing this. 

Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell announced this morning the genesis of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make a feature film based on the Veronica Mars series that ran for three seasons.  Like many geek properties (Joss Whedon was such a fan that he actually appears onscreen in one episode as a snooty rental car agent.), Veronica Mars was a show with a small audience with a honey badger-like ferocity.   I think many of us count ourselves as fans of TV shows that are constantly on the cancellation bubble.  I personally helped purchase boxloads of little plastic footballs that were sent to NBC to stave off the cancellation of Friday Night Lights.  Frequently, once our beloved show shuffles off the mortal coil, it goes through the litany of options before it’s really dead.  The creative team tries to find a home on another network.  And then, there’s the last dying gasps of trying to turn a failed TV show into a feature film.


Justified s4Last week was the big reveal of the central mystery that had consumed Justified’s fourth season so far. Now that we know that Sheriff Shelby is actually Drew Thompson, the fugitive drug runner that’s eluded the authorities since the early 1980s, the real fun is likely going to begin. Of course, Drew/Shelby has Ellen May with him.



Oz James FrancoBack in the day, back when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were a couple, there was at least somewhat serious talk of them starring in a remake of Casablanca.  How serious that talk ever was I have no idea, but it was talk that made its way into the mainstream media.  It was a terrible idea for an infinite number of reasons, the least of which was that it would star Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.  Casablanca is a stone cold classic.  It’s one of the three or four greatest films of all time.  The screenplay is considered one of the best ever written, if not the very best of all time.  It contains reams of great quotes.  “Here’s looking at you, kid.”  “We’ll always have Paris.”  “Round up the usual suspects.”  “The problems of two people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”  “Play it, Sam.  Play As Time Goes By.”  “How extravagant you are, throwing women away like that.  Some day they may be scarce.”  (Listen to that movie some time without looking at it.  It sounds incredible.)  The cast is impeccable, with Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains doing career-defining work.


PaleyFest ArrowReporting from the 30th Annual PaleyFest: The William S. Paley Television Festival

One of the cool things the Paley Center staff has done for the festival is to begin each panel with an archival clip that is somehow related to the show being discussed.  For The Newsroom, they played a clip from Aaron Sorkin’s series Sports Night.  For Parenthood, they dug up a clip from the early late '80s iteration of the show that featured a young Leonardo diCaprio.  For last night’s panel featuring the CW’s series Arrow, they played a Robin Hood-themed clip from a 1979 episode of The Muppet Show.  It was pretty cool.


Parenthood PaleyFest CTNReporting from the 30th Annual PaleyFest: The William S. Paley Television Festival

The Bravermans of Berkley, California, were in the house tonight.

You know what you’re getting into when the free swag the network is handing out is tissues with the Parenthood logo on them.  One of the things that’s made the show famous among its small (significantly growing), but loyal, audience is its ability to almost weekly make viewers break down and cry.  As actress Monica Potter explained tonight, there’s been a drinking game created in which you drink whenever somebody associate with Parenthood cries.  I’m not a mental health professional, but it may not be such a great idea mixing booze with crying.  Be that as it may, this is a show that regularly brings the waterworks, but in a good and honest way.


Bruce SpringsteenI’m a huge Springsteen fan.  To be fair, I’m not sure if there are any other kinds of Springsteen fans.  There aren’t really any casual Springsteen fans.  It isn’t allowed.  There’s a sense of competitiveness to being a Springsteen fan.  I had the chance to see the Boss here in LA last April, and I had a great time just visiting with all the other fans.  Everybody probably thinks this about their own stuff, but Springsteen fans really are the best.  I’ve seen him live five times, but that night I felt like a right sad excuse of a fan, an amateur really.  I was talking to an older gent for whom that night was his 37th Springsteen show.  He’d seen Bruce for the first time at the Roxy on Sunset, way back in the early '70s.  He’d seen Springsteen at a small club in the early days?  No way!  How incredibly awesome!

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