‘Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond – Season 1, Episode 1’ Review

Dominic Cooper is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors, so I was pretty excited when I learned that he would be playing Ian Fleming (the creator of James Bond) for the BBC.

The first episode begins with him finishing Casino Royale, and then flashes back to his life before and during World War II. The young and wild philanderer was constantly in the shadow of his more successful brother until an incident changed the course of his life. Due to a Bond-esque endeavor, he is caught in a position that makes him appear to be a Nazi spy. He is quickly cleared of any charges and offered a job working for the British navy. His intelligence and creative theatrics for espionage would clearly be an asset in fighting the Nazis.

Fleming clearly drew from his own life when creating the iconic superspy. Besides sharing Bond's signature drink, his relationship with a coworker is reminiscent of Bond's with Moneypenny, as she is constantly unamused by his witty quips and one-liners. He also has a string of meaningless flings until he pursues Ann O'Neill, a married woman played by Laura Pulver (who is probably most well known for her exemplary portrayal of Irene Adler in Sherlock). They appear to be destined for each other, as we first met her prior to the flashback when she read Fleming's draft of Casino Royale while the pair are on their honeymoon.

As I mentioned before, I am a fan of Dominic Cooper and once again I am reminded why. One needs to look no further than his performance as Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger and his dual roles as Uday Hussein and his body double in The Devil's Double to see that the man has tremendous range. His clever, witty, and sharp Fleming just adds to his list of accomplishments. In fact, I sincerely hope he takes over as Bond when Daniel Craig's tenure is over.

The show is a must see for any Bond fan, and even if you know nothing about the iconic hero, this would be the perfect introduction to the franchise.

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