'Angel & Faith Volume 2: Daddy Issues' - Advance TPB Review


AF V2First, let me just say, being a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s work, I was thrilled to read this Angel & Faith story. By the time I made it past the first couple pages, it was very evident to me that this story was well constructed in the spirit of Joss’ shows. It, without a doubt, pays homage to both Angel and Buffy series, and not to mention the greatness of Joss Whedon.

The storyline, which takes place during Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9, flows smoothly and immaculately.  It’s very dark when it's needed but also has the comic relief of sarcasm and wit peppered in just perfectly. And, the best part of it is how they capture the characters' essence. Faith is just as tough and angry, and Angel is just as brooding and heroic as he has ever been. I miss the show! Loved Eliza Dushku and David Boreanaz was the man!

In Angel & Faith Volume 2, London’s dark streets are increasingly dangerous, as strange murders begin to impact the lives of Angel and Faith. In unraveling this new mystery, the pair follow clues in the Watchers' Files to a demon from Giles’ past and a “child” from Angel’s: Drusilla. Returned to her homeland, she has become the hot, new vampire in the underground scene! While Angel faces Dru, Faith confronts issues that awaken her deepest pain—a visit from her deadbeat dad, who is looking for a favor, and a troubled Slayer hell bent on revenge.
Plagued by the most personal of demons, Angel and Faith travel a tumultuous road.

And, what a tumultuous road, indeed!

Along with the superb writing of Christos Gage, there is the great art of Rebekah Isaacs. I have to admit the artwork was just as good as the writing. It really popped out at you with every page you turned. It helped to make you feel like you were really in the story. Isaacs really nailed Angel and Faith, especially their facial expressions. Honestly, it was as if I was watching Angel or Buffy on the TV screen; I felt myself immediately being sucked into the plot and vivid scenes on each page. I cannot wait for the next Angel & Faith story to come out!

If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon and the marvelous world he has created for his memorable and loveable characters, I would highly recommend reading Angel & Faith.   

Brit Sigh
Uber Joss Whedon fan



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