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‘Feathers #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

With the new year comes new opportunities for stories. Given that comic books are our modern-day fairytales, it’s wonderful to see creator-driven projects that truly envelop fantasy and adventure. All this and more can be said for the first installment of Jorge Corona’s Feathers from Archaia.

Feathers is a story about a boy name Poe who can’t stand bright light and is covered with, well, take a wild guess. In this first book, we know very little of his origin, but that his fate will determine a wager set by forces unknown. He lives in a rundown place called the Maze, home to street-smart children called "mice" and musical villains who kidnap them. In the center of the maze is a beautiful palace, where the young Bianca dreams of adventure.

Jorge Corona’s book is a wonderful romp in classic storytelling. The artistry is what stands out, with adorable characters and a whimsical style that can entertain eyes both young and old. The story, though a bit vague on the first few pages, starts taking stride after Poe comes into the picture. This first book unfolds with an exposition hinting at Disney’s retelling of Aladdin, with different villains and a greater purpose for the young protagonist.

Feathers #1 reads as a wonderful entry into the world of comics for any young reader. The inviting artwork and the easy dialogue allow for effortless page turning. And, although the story has nuances of fables prior, there is enough circumstance to allow this book its own place in the sun. This first book intrigues upon arriving at its final panel, promising adventure to not only the characters, but the readers living through them. And, no matter what medium, that is the mark of a great fairytale, allowing the imagination to run wild 'till the next chapter, and beyond.

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