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‘Abigail and the Snowman #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Thus far, I’ve been a fan of this adorable and fun series from Roger Landridge (The Muppet Show comics, Popeye), and I’ve given it some pretty decent reviews as each issue comes out. I’m sorry to report that Issue #3 didn’t quite capture the charm of the first two issues. The transition from the playful tone to the slightly more serious and dangerous tone was a little uneven. The shift in dynamic just sort of falls on us out of the blue, with some uninteresting filler in between.

For the kids, they’ll find out a bit more about Claude the Yeti. After Abigail and Claude officiate their best friendship, Claude realizes he can’t stay with her, because the Government will just keep sending people to find him, and that will put her in danger. Landridge gives us sections of exposition, some through dialogue and some through flashback, as an even nastier agent than the previous two agents comes onto the scene to find Claude.

At this point, it’s difficult to say how this series will be as a whole. The first two issues had the imaginative wanderings of a Calvin and Hobbes adventure. Most of this issue is to simply transition us to the next issue, as Abigail and Claude the Yeti make a bold attempt of heading outdoors, at night, on their own.

Landridge knows how to write for kids. There’s no question about that. He’s clear and concise, and even the most dramatic and dangerous moments are harmless. I still highly recommend this book to parents for their kids, as it will spark their imaginations in all the best ways. I’m just hoping for myself that Issue #4 makes good use of the story and embraces the playful adventure that it really wants to be.

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