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‘Past Aways #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Part adventure serial, part social satire, a group of scientists have traveled back into the distant, distant, distant, distant, distant, distant, distant, distant, distant, etc. past . . . our present. Yes, they come from so far in the future, it would be like us going back in time to an era we couldn’t even begin to comprehend – for me, it would be like waking up tomorrow, as this era is starting to lose me, which is where the keen satire makes its way in.

Created by Matt Kindt, the creative force behind Mind MGMT, Past Aways (get it . . . “Cast Aways”) picks up a year after the events in Dark Horse Presents #200, in which our group of scientists became stranded in our time period, and much like Gilligan’s Island, the conflict seems like it will partly focus on how these scientists will work together without killing each other. The art is provided by Scott Kolins (Big Hero 6 the comic, various issues of Avengers, Batman, Flash, etc.), who has a nice visual sense and isn’t afraid to go from silly to epic. His pencil work fits the tone of the book perfectly, and I’m a huge fan of the colors provided by Bill Crabtree (some TMNT, Lobo, and various other stories). This book has a nice, clean, and adventurous look.

Kindt has proven himself a master of psychological storytelling with MGMT and also how he loves to play with the format of the comic itself. We begin to see some inklings of the latter format element, and with the diverse characters (a documentarian, someone so in love with himself, someone who wants to commit suicide, someone who loves a raucous throw down, someone who has his worst intentions in mind for everyone), all briefly explained to us on the cover, you know some heavily involved head games are going to occur. That and a bunch of really peculiar stuff popping up from the far reaches of the future to wreak havoc on our present. By going back in time, did they start the events from which they left that they feel are so screwed up? It seems like they know the outcome of their lives to some degree. I have a feeling things are going to get delightfully complicated as they go along, and I’m already looking forward to every issue.

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