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Lauri and Jaakko Ahonen’s Jaybird is a moving tribute to the survivors of armed conflict in Europe. A boy and his infirm mother, both anthropomorphized birds, “live quietly” in a rotting mansion. By day, the boy roams the halls — which are festooned with portraits of great military heroes from assumedly greater days — as a housekeeper. The mother, bedridden, spends her days slowly dying, completely dependent upon her son’s solicitude. He feeds her, cleans her — and, as the story begins, starts to ask her questions about the forbidden outside world.

I am so happy to report that I just finished reading one of the coolest comic books ever! I admit that, at first, I thought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time storyline would be lame, but it was anything but. In this, the 3rd issue of the Turtles in Time installment, writer Erik Burnham has our 4 heroes fighting alongside pirates. How cool is that!?

The sixth issue of Where the Witches Lurk, written by Joe Pezzula and with art by Donny Ganakusuma, brings us to the final confrontation between Gina, Tina, and the Dark Witch.  In the previous issues, we saw the mysterious Apothecary Symthe help Officer LaMontague release his colleagues from the spell of the Dark Witch while Sarah, Tina, and Gina try to track her down while looking for their missing father.

I'm not gonna lie. When I first asked to review this comic book, I was prepared to read a new story based on Disney's Finding Nemo, but boy am I glad I made such a mistake, because Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland was one of the most beautiful comic books I've ever read!

‘TMNT Annual 2014:’ TPB Review

Turtles. Time travel. And, Triceraton. Oh my!

This is my first read of the Annual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic books, and I must say, it was weird.  But, a good weird. 

I must admit, I jumped into Star Wars: Legacy without knowing what I was getting myself into.  But, I will say that I'm glad I did. 

‘Stuck:’ Graphic Novel Review

Anyone who’s felt they live a dead-end life wishes for some excitement. Leanne, the heroine in Stuck (Broken Icon Comics), gets to experience that excitement and then some.

I haven’t read a book in the last few months. Stuff got in the way . . . but, luckily, I got the chance to check out Dead Letters Volume One, and I must say, Ding ding ding! We have a winner!  I don’t want to spoil much; the book is juicy, layered, and fun. It fuses themes from supernatural, noir, and Blacksploitation to make an impressive impact.

Okay . . . having reviewed the last two volumes of this serious, I knew it was violent (which normally doesn’t bother me), but if you’re not prepared for it or don’t like it, this might not be the comic for you. Just saying . . .

BOOM! Studios’ Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Bestiary #1 contains three very short stories set in the Hellraiser milieu. The first, “Symphony in Red” by Ben Meares and Mark Miller, depicts the growing bloodlust of a demonic torturer. The second, “Desert Fathers” by Victor LaValle, presents a conflict between a present-day band of demon hunters and a demon. The third, “The Hunted, Part One,” again by Ben Meares and Mark Miller, illustrates the capture and impending torture of a down-on-his-luck pinhead.

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