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You’ve been there, we all have.  Realizing you wanted chocolate ice cream instead of the vanilla you just ordered.  Taking the red pill instead of the blue.  Thinking about the road less traveled.  Despite the ease technology has offered our current state of existence, there is no Command Z when it comes to real life.  Thus, we are left pining for the second chances we’ll never get. 

So, what if you did?

What is this, villains week?! This is the second comic book I've read all week that showcased only villains. I'm certainly not complaining, but as a new reader to the comic book realm, I expected more heroes to be slicing and dicing. Yet, it's nice to see that writers and artists also give more depth to even their evilest of characters . . . which is why I'm glad I read up on Issue #4 in the Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir series.

I'm not gonna lie. I went to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie with low expectations.  In doing so, the movie didn't turn out to be half bad.  And, as a huge TMNT fan growing up, that's saying something.  Allow me to give you my thoughts about what worked and what didn't work, and then feel free to argue with me in the comments below.

I pick up a Young Adult novel, I want to find some very specific things.  A spunky, take-no-prisoners heroine.  A troublesome love interest.  Someone (or something) evil to fight against. Throw in some element of the supernatural, apocalyptic, dystopian, fantastic, the other-worldly, and I'm a happy reader.  

In Storm Siren, author Mary Weber brings us a fantasy realm filled with faeries, magic, and monsters, and layers in a gritty social environment filled with slavery, poverty, and political intrigue.  Weber echoes themes from The Hunger Games and The X-Men in a unique, imaginative world for the reader to explore.

The title of a comic book typically gives away what the reader should expect. The Horror Show (Broken Icon Comics) delivers on the promise of the title in that there is horror. Lots and lots of horror.

I'm a sucker for friendship. Maybe that's because my friends mean everything to me.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family and all, but friends are the people who are there for you when family isn't.  However rarely or frequently your family can't be there to support you, good friends who will be are hard to come by.  Thus, I say it again; I'm a sucker for friendship.  So, naturally, Guardians of the Galaxy was like my life mantra.


(Although I don't intend to give away the entire plot, I may mention key events in the movie that some readers may want to be surprised by.)

I'm a huge Ninja Turtles fan! HUGE! So, when I got word that my very first comic book review, let alone the first comic book I've read since I was 9 years old (Go easy on me, fellow nerds.), would be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic, needless to say that I was excited. I was like a kid in a candy store . . . on Christmas Day . . . in Disney World.


I’m back to review Issue #8 of Dark Horse’s Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle. Previous issues spent time building up the new characters of Dr. Kogan, Simon, the three Terminators basking in the California sun, and serial killer, Thomas Parnell. Now, the story hits full stride as John Connor comes face to face with an unknown future for the first time.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a normal person dealing with superheroes on a not-so-friendly basis? Stephen Stern and Matt Yuan, with art by John Yuan, take it upon themselves to show us the other side of life in a world dominated by superheroes in Serving Supes. Published by First Comics, the story is about two hapless twin brothers whose job is to serve court summonses on delinquent and bail-jumping superheroes and supervillains.

In the world of horror stories, sometimes it’s nice to return to the originals, the classic frights, to remind oneself just how frightening they really are. Blessings from the Condemned: A Horror Legacy aids the true horror fanatic in the quest of fear.

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