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Before we get going, full disclosure: It’s been awhile since I’ve read an issue of Wic/Div.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this book and everything about it, but things got in the way and the series suffered for it. But now, I’m back, just as soon as the series gets ready to go on hiatus.

‘Huck #2:’ Comic Book Review

I first heard about Huck back in July at San Diego Comic-Con.  I didn’t have a release date, so I went to my favorite comic book shop (Brave New World in Valencia, if you are taking notes.) and asked the folks if they knew when it was coming out.

With this book, IDW boldly goes . . .

This is a storyline that definitely moves ahead, warp factor . . .

Way back in the ancient times of 2013, a very talented writer named Ed Brisson came through as part of the creative team on a little book called Sheltered, a series from Image Comics that not enough people read, which is a slap in the face to how incredible a book it was. Now, Brisson is back, this time with artist Adam Gorham and colorist Michael Garland with The Violent, a new series from Image Comics.

‘Reddin:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The old west as a set piece for supernatural storytelling has been done countless times. From film (West World) to television (as recently as Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy), it has always been a colorful and anachronistic canvas for enjoyable entertainment.

Love it or hate it, the Ghostbusters world is about to duplicate into another universe this summer with Sony’s reboot about 7 months away. Since I fall into the latter camp, as I’m unhappy with my favorite movie of all time being unnecessarily rebooted, I take whatever new material that revolves around the original crew that I can get my hands on.

There are elements of Inner Beings #1 from LUMI Art Studios and Comics United that stand out as memorable, fun, and more than worth the time and effort to absorb the words and images.  And, there are elements that remind me why this title isn’t getting the mainstream attention it has the potential to earn.

I had kind of a rough year. In many ways, I also had an amazing year. As hardship often does, it brought out in me what I didn’t know was there and shook up what desperately needed redistributing, rediscovering,and  redefining. It led to some much-needed opportunities for reevaluation, growth, and rest. But, at times, it also kind of sucked.

‘Hell Bound:’ Book Review

No rest for the wicked.

Such is the theme of Hell Bound, Andrew P. Weston’s newest addition to his growing collection of novels. The souls of Earth’s most vile and despicable humans are cast into Hell, rolled like dice into a sinister House where injustice is the high card and evil’s the royal flush. Their dealer: Daemon Grim, Satan’s very own pit boss . . . who just so happens to be the Grim Reaper. Imbued with supernatural powers and a list of the damned, Grim drags the very worst of humanity to Hell, where they spend eternity in various levels of pain and horror - and where they never seem to win the hand. Because, after all, eternal damnation isn’t meant to be fun.

*The creators of Caligula Imperatore Insanum provided Fanboy Comics with an advance preview of the graphic novel, which was reviewed below.

Reality shows and popular television dramas have nothing on Roman history. No other time in the rise and fall of Rome makes this statement more clear than the reign of Caligula. Murder, greed, lust, incest, and just plain lunacy puts Caligula at the top of the list of most interesting emperors. This alone gives Caligula Imperatore Insanum (Caligula, Insane Emporer) an edge.

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