‘Chambers #2:’ Comic Book Review

Chambers #2 picks up with Denise struggling to cope with the final events of Issue #1, but this tough cookie refuses to let her pain and grief prevent her from trying to find the truth. When a hit on her life fails miserably, the police officer uses the opportunity to gather clues and starts moving in on the players who are out to take the Chambers family down one by one.

After reading issue one of Chambers, I wanted to learn more about Denise’s story, and Issue #2 begins to deliver. She gets a chance to show off her self-defense skills and determined personality, as well, and I adored seeing a female character both show deep emotion and take care of herself. The dramatic irony ratchets up a little in Issue #2, and my heart ached at Denise putting her trust in someone who doesn’t deserve it.

The art in Chambers #2 seems sharper with fewer detours into the soft, watercolor style that appears in Chambers #1, but it could be my perception, as the story moves into darker territory. There are no warm, sweet moments in this volume that show Denise’s gentler side, only harsh, violent moments that force her to make difficult decisions.

I’ve only started to get a few answers about my questions that arose from the previous issue. Denise definitely has a brutal side that allows her to subvert her oath to “protect and serve.” Do I think she can remain herself with all of the violence facing her in the near future? It’s hard to say; she’s already tougher than I realized from the beginning of her story.

Overall, Chambers #2 continues on a great note. The tension definitely continues to rise, and I’m curious to see how well the heroine’s choices play out. The only new question is how many corrupt cops can there be in one police department? It seems like they’re popping up like Whack-a-Mole!

4.5 Dark Parking Lot Shoot Outs out of 5

Both issues of Chambers are currently available here.

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