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‘Kitty & Batz #3:’ Comic Book Review

Issue #3 of the annual LHV Publishing anthology Kitty & Batz is bound to offend someone, and the titular characters really don’t care if you don’t like them. They love murder, mayhem, and copious amounts of caffeine, and woe to anyone who stands in their way! I hadn’t read the previous two installments in Kitty and Batz’s story, but the loosely connected vignettes lend themselves to easy immersion into their dark, slightly twisted world.

It’s unclear exactly what species Kitty and Batz represent in the comic, although their friend, Ellie, appears to be a mouse girl. They don’t stand out as non-human in their world though, so I merely found their anti-social behavior amusing and bemusing. A later story, “The Roommate,” indicates that the girls are not actually demons, but I found it easier to relate to them as minor dark deities of some sort. They traipse through life killing people who piss them off and tricking the gullible and still manage to be utterly charming.

My favorite stories in this issue were “Batz, Hippies, and Coffee Oh My!” and “Batz Gone Battie!” The first explores what many of us would like to do to those annoying customers who hold up the coffee shop line through excessive questions, indecision, and strong values. The second involves Batz using her own special skills to meet a beloved celebrity and scare him to death in the process.

The art in Kitty & Batz isn’t as technically amazing as other works I’ve read by the creators, but it fits the insane, frantic world the characters inhabit. The splashes of bright color and incorporation of actual posters (Yes, I recognized almost all of the anime references in Batz’s bedroom in “Batz Gone Battie!”) drew my eyes towards many details in the backgrounds, and I really enjoyed it.

Overall, Kitty & Batz #3 isn’t a comic for everyone; if you are faint of heart or want your comics to have positive messages, pass this one by; however, if you enjoy zany, crazy, downright sociopathic main characters who double as disturbingly naughty author avatars, Kitty & Batzz is right up your alley. While it isn’t pitch perfect, it hits a lot of the right notes.

4 Hypno Coffee Caffeinated Beverages out of 5

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