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‘The Shadow Hero #6: Enter the Green Turtle’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Chapter six of The Shadow Hero forces Hank into a battle for his life that challenges the foundations of his father’s teachings. The final battle is a redemptive moment for both the young man and his shadowy companion and shows just how clever Yang and Liew believe the original Green Turtle must have been. In the end, no one will be surprised if they understand Hank’s heart, but it’s the finale we all wanted to see (Okay, if you wanted to see our hero get the girl, it doesn’t quite go there, but he’s still a teenager!) with plenty of heartwarming excitement!

The final installment of this exceptional series gives readers Ten Grand’s back story, an amazing fight, and a choice for our young hero about how to best honor his father’s memory. Most importantly, Hank finally gets an answer about his shadowy companion’s true nature, which is deeply rooted in Chinese mythology (Ever heard of the Four Gods?), and realizes that even the best special powers have loopholes. There is also a warm acknowledgement of stalwart Detective Lawful’s racism from previous issues with an apology and plan to do better in the future. It’s a small piece, but I appreciate seeing at least one person’s attitude change due to Hank’s heroics.

Liew’s artwork continues to tie the story together in chapter six, and his ability to show action sequences in a still medium makes the final fight pop. The color seems more vibrant in this issue, perhaps to contrast Hank’s superhero/crime fighter life with the more mundane one in a Chinatown grocery store. It works for me, and I enjoy seeing the contrast between the two sides of Hank’s character.

Chapter six of The Shadow Hero draws Hank Chu’s origin story to a close, but I get the sense that he has more adventures on the horizon, even apart from the classic comics. Will we see more of him? Only Yang and Liew can say, but if they decide to expand on the adventures of a family-oriented, justice-loving Chinese immigrant making a name for himself in his new country, I’m on board. How soon can they get started?

The full collection of The Shadow Hero will be available in print and digital editions from First Second Books on July 15, 2014!

5 “What the Heck Was That Revelation at the End?” out of 5

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