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Trigun Omnibus: Volume 1 follows the life and adventures of Vash the Stampede, a pacifistic gunslinger traveling through the harsh, post-apocalyptic world of Gunsmoke. Despite his devotion to protecting human life, Vash has a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head, which draws every potential fortune hunter in the Wild West-like society to try to take him out. Unfortunately, these showdowns have a propensity to create massive property destruction, and the warmhearted blonde is considered a localized disaster by many insurance agencies! Things get more complicated when Bernardelli Insurance Agency assigns two agents, Meryl and Milly, to follow Vash and try to prevent any more claims since the “humanoid typhoon” is a force of nature.

Morning Glory Academy touts itself as an elite prep school located in New York that helps students reach their potential through encouraging independent thought, resilience, and self-sufficiency. Only the most exceptional individuals are chosen to join the student body, and families are strongly encouraged to cut all ties with those enrolled; however, something dark lurks inside the academy’s walls, and students begin to rebel against the teachers and other authority figures. What is Morning Glory’s real goal, and what is their real purpose in harboring young talent in one place?

Collateral – Dear John is a digital comic created by Australians Matthew Nicholls and Lee Taylor following the lives of the Reid family, ordinary people struggling to survive in a world where superheroes actually exist. While the comic features superheroes, it is not a superhero comic; Nicholls and Taylor have chosen to focus on how average individuals cope with the destruction and chaos created by extraordinary conflicts. They write about everyday concerns such as unemployment, the safety of our children, the harshness of gossip, and the difficulties of adjusting as our children become adults with their own interests and lives.

Super Corporate Heroes is the brainchild of husband and wife creators Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias, founders of 7 Robots.  The two obviously have a good working relationship, since every piece of this graphic novel works nearly flawlessly, from the artwork to the basic story to the characters they have created.

The fantasy/sci-fi blend series Jinnrise follows the adventures of international student Andrew as he gets thrust into a cosmic battle for the future of Earth. The alien Kibrani have decided that our planet is their next target for conquest, and humanity’s strongest allies are the mythical Jinn (genies) who have been imprisoned at various points around the globe; however, to tap into the Jinns’ legendary powers, these beings must have a master and picking the right member of the group to control each genie can be a difficult task.

MeiLin Miranda’s Son in Sorrow picks up a year into Temmin’s supplicancy at The Lovers Temple. He is now nineteen years old and has picked up many skills for reading and manipulating people; however, the Heir is struggling with an inappropriate exclusive love for Allis, the Embodiment of the female half of the Lovers, Neya, which affects both of their abilities to perform their required duties. Outside the Temple, the political intrigue hinted at in Lovers and Beloveds takes center stage as various individuals and groups, both inside and outside Tremont, begin power plays to take control. Not all of them harbor love for the monarchy either, which could destroy the very world the nobles long to protect. Sedra, Temmin’s eldest sister, also takes center stage as a political pawn as King Harsin finally moves to create alliances through a royal marriage, but his intelligent, strong willed daughter may not be as biddable as he anticipates. The political machinations and Temple issues spiral together in the strangest of ways, leaving Temmin feeling even less prepared for his responsibilities as Heir to his kingdom.

Welcome back to Morning Glory Academy, where the most elite students are invited to expand their horizons and push their academic potential!  Morning Glories is a more surreal episode in the story of the academy as it follows Vanessa’s release from imprisonment on the school grounds and brief time travel to say goodbye to the young man she loves before the tragedy struck Morning Glory Academy. Teacher Lara Hodge is set up as a sympathetic character since she claims responsibility for freeing Vanessa and granting her the opportunity to say farewell to Brendan, but, like everything else at the school, it comes with a hidden price.

A new virus cropped up approximately two years ago that is believed to have transferred from rare fleas on vampire bats to humans. HVV transforms seemingly ordinary individuals to blood-craving creatures with lightning reflexes who function best in the dark: vampires. World governments have struggled to incorporate these newly transformed citizens, and synthetic blood substitute Aeternus Eternus offers a safe way to allow “transhumans” to blend into the population; however, not all transhumans agree that synthetic food is the best option; human blood trafficking has grown exponentially, and plenty of humans are willing to provide their services in finding donors . . . for a cut of the profits. A legend has grown in this dark society of a creature neither human nor vampire that preys on the creatures of the night. No one knows who he is or where he came from; he is only known as Noctua.

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