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Womanthology Space 2After the rousing success of Womanthology: Heroic, it comes as no surprise that additional volumes would release or that they would be just as good. Unlike Heroic, Space is being released in individual issues. I actually prefer this format, even if the full volume looks nicer on a bookshelf. It's a lot easier to pick up an issue and read three stories instead of the dozens right after one another, and the issue still include the same great comic creation tips, bonus artwork, and information about the authors as the complete volume.

My keyboard may not be capable of typing the name of the first story of this issue, but I can tell you it's all about Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to ever orbit the Earth. Everyone knows who Yuri Gagarin is, but how many people know Tereshkova's name? This mini-biography is a wonderful tribute to a brave woman and a great read for anyone who wanted a more personal take on this piece of history.

I really liked the premise behind “Agency,” which reminded me so much of the beginning of my beloved The Middleman TV series. Weird stuff is happening in Chloe's office and she's caught smack dab in the middle of it. This is a wonderfully action-packed story with a ton of great visuals. The craziness and frustrations of working in an office are well explored through the metaphor of aliens to the point I'll be watching my coworkers for signs they've been turned into a host body from now on.

“All Cats are Quantum,” however, is my story of the issue. This story's got it all. Beautiful art, creative alien designs, an amazingly original premise, and the cuteness of cats! I don't want to spoil anything, but I'd happily buy a miniseries set in this universe. “All Cats are Quantum” feels like a pitch for something longer or the comic equivalent of one of those high-concept, sci-fi short stories. The lack of characterization is disappointing, but the premise is so much fun that it's easy to set those issues to the side and enjoy the story for its wackiness.

The only downside I can find is the same downside as every Womanthology story I've read, they end too soon. Fortunately, all of the stories in Issue #2 dive right into the meat of their topics and feel complete, even if they could have easily carried a whole issue on their own. Cat lovers, disgruntled office workers, history buffs, and people who want to read well-written and drawn comics, this issue's for you.



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