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‘Reyn #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The third issue of Reyn from Kel Symons and Nate Stockman is your typical road trip scenario, if instead of roadyou said insanely high, vertical rock cliff followed by dark, foreboding chasmand instead of tripyou said multiple desperate sword fights with a variety of fantastical and dangerous beasts.  This book doesnt lack for excitement, playing up the fantasy elements in this installment.  And, the main character Reyn stays true to form as a begrudging hero, not unlike The Man with No Name in Sergio Leones Dollars trilogy.  Han Solo fans may also connect with the roguish nature of the lead.

Despite the consistencies of this issue, it was probably my least favorite thus far.  The humor that Symons brought so strongly in the first two issues feels like a second thought this time around.  A second, half-hearted, bordering-on-non-exsistent thought, in fact.  There are some interesting reveals/characters introduced, but rather than spendingmuch time with them, we just head out on a new adventure.  Now, were still with many of the characters to which I was referring, but I am not seeing a whole lot of development straight out of the gate.  This is undoubtedly a peril of the issue-to-issue structure, but all the more reason to give me something to latch onto.

I consider these all minor nitpicks, as Im still enjoying the series.  The world that Symons and Stockman have created continues to open up in a fascinating and horrible way, much like one of the botanical baddies that makes an appearance.   Stockmans art is dynamic and interesting, and I have been consistently on the edge of my seat throughout this series. I cant wait for the next issue!

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Sam Rhodes

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