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‘That Bulletproof Kid #2:’ Comic Book Review

With this second issue, That Bulletproof Kid really starts to come into its own as a comic. The first issue was good, but this one gives us a better look into the world where the story takes place and gets us more invested in what’s going on.

When we last left our hero—or sidekick, rather—he was about to face off against a villainess named Monochrome. Of course, he escapes, but not unscathed, and now he and his mentor Crusader must answer to The Tribunal: the organization that oversees superheroes and their activities. They’re not convinced of Bulletproof’s reliability in the hero department, due in part to his somewhat dubious origins.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bulletproof has to balance his sidekick job with life as an ordinary high school student, including passing classes, making time for friends, and being home in time for dinner. He tells his mother that he’s always out because of the band he’s in. But, when his actual friends really want him to be in a band, he has to make excuses for that, too. It’s interesting to see the task of saving the Earth from supervillains portrayed as an extracurricular activity.

The art style in this issue is distinctly different from the previous one, as the duties which were previously performed by Arthur Strickland have now been taken on by series writer Matt Kyme, with coloring by Gat Melvyn. The series as a whole is starting to be a lot of fun, setting itself apart from standard superhero stories, while at the same time sending them up a bit. There’s action, there’s humor, there’s intrigue, and more. That Bulletproof Kid is definitely a series to keep on your radar.

That Bulletproof Kid #2 is available in digital and print forms from If? Commix.

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