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Issues #4 and 5 in the Marvel Princess Leia comic book series intertwine more than the previous three. They are the perfect build up and climax to this part of Leia’s tale.

If I said I was the slightest bit disappointed in Issue #2, then Issue #3 answers all those doubts and then some. The balance of action, emotion, fortitude, and grit is back in spades. Not that it was ever gone by any means, just that this book builds so superbly on the last one – and from the themes established in the first book in particular.

I continue to love the new Marvel Princess Leia comic book run. Like I mentioned in my first review, it really hits the spot in terms of strong, complicated female characters dealing with real issues.

You don’t have to go to Takodana to get the latest in trending cantina cocktails. Garlic, My Soul, Fanboy Comics, and I are back on the trail of the hottest fan foods and have traveled across galaxies for this installment. From Mos Eisley Cantina to Maz Kanata’s castle, here are two signature drinks that stuck with us.

I’ll admit I first picked up the Princess Leia comic series because of the art. Issue #1 has the coolest cover; a white background and a wispy galaxy set the backdrop to Leia looking like a badass ready for a fight. It stands out in a row of comic books.

I had kind of a rough year. In many ways, I also had an amazing year. As hardship often does, it brought out in me what I didn’t know was there and shook up what desperately needed redistributing, rediscovering,and  redefining. It led to some much-needed opportunities for reevaluation, growth, and rest. But, at times, it also kind of sucked.

#TBT to last week, folks, because #LoveWins and we’re still excited.

Warning: The park opens this week.

And we, here at Garlic, My Soul, are already planning our trip to Isla Nublar. There is a fantastic and thorough map of the park up at Jurassic World’s website. You can peruse the attractions, exhibits, and dining choices.

But, what are our snack options between Margaritaville and the Hilton Isla Nublar? What will serve as that much-needed blood-sugar boost while we ride the monorail between Triceratops Territory and T. Rex Kingdom?

Stay Puft Ectoplasm Cake

If you saw (and/or wept tears of inspiration and joy during, like I did) the “Like a Girl” campaign during the Super Bowl last weekend, then you now know how to run and punch like a girl. Well, come 2016, we’re also going to learn how to fight ghosts like a girl. By four of my favorite comedian juggernauts. And, girls. I’m getting emotional again just thinking about it.

So, I thought I’d do what I do best and bake a treat in their honor (and pull a script off the shelf of the Writers Guild Foundation Library).

As a small digression from my standard format here, I made these Thor-sized cereal bars in an effort to bribe Thor into becoming an icon for cultural awareness. I just want to see a children’s book or Archie-style comic entitled “Thor Learns about Cereal” or “Thor Learns Proper, Earth-Bound Coffee Refill Protocol” – something harkening to the beauty in our differences and hilarity in absurdly ripped men from a heavenly realm discovering the miracle of mortal breakfast foods.

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