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Hello, my name is Jac, and I am a pega-sister.  What started as research has turned into a soft spot for the mystical residents of Equestria, watching their adventures unfold both on screen and now on page.  Now that the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has become an IDW staple, it’s no wonder that much of its extended storyline now fits comic book convention, too.

I’ve wanted to get my hands on Dark Horse’s Lady Killer since day one.  Jumping on at the second-to-last issue, I was hoping I didn’t miss too much, fearing this limited series may have already peaked. Suffice it to say, Lady Killer #4 is second-to-last perfection, offering an awesome taste of the story and demanding that the best is yet to come.

For a series with a limited run, pages are precious real estate. As such, readers anticipate a lot of concise storytelling with packed page turns. And, when dealing with a book with action roots, the calm before the storm and the storm itself are addressed more often than not in the same issue. I have been reading Eternal since day one, anticipating a third issue packed with answers and leaving me with an eager anticipation for the last chapter.  Instead, Eternal #3, written by William Harms, with artwork from Stefano Simeone, and a cover from Frazer Irving, is a quiet reflection of what has passed, leaving a weighted intrigue of what’s to come. 

What’s great about diving into a new series is seeing the promise captured with every turn of the page.  Adamant to see a series through, I delved into the first issue of this four-part story and was left intrigued and wanting more.  Lucky for me, Eternal #2 delivers as a strong sophomore issue. 

With the new year comes new opportunities for stories. Given that comic books are our modern-day fairytales, it’s wonderful to see creator-driven projects that truly envelop fantasy and adventure. All this and more can be said for the first installment of Jorge Corona’s Feathers from Archaia.

The search for the fountain of youth has a been a tale retold throughout the ages.  As humans, we are constantly reminded through media and mirrors that we are not immortal.  But, what if you were?  How would that shape the person you turn out to be?  These questions and more are posed in Eternal, a new book out of BOOM! Studios, penned by William Harms, with artwork by Giovanni Valletta, and cover art by Frazer Irving.

Lara Croft has been a personal hero. I remember playing the original Tomb Raider game on PC, guns blazing, bats dying, all for the sake of exploration.  She was the lady version of Indiana Jones, confident and cool, even when tombs were collapsing in on her.  So, when the latest game reviews said Lara was so drastically different both physically and mentally, I had some reservations.  I never got around to playing the new Tomb Raider title, but after reading Tomb Raider Volume 1: Season of the Witch, I will definitely give it a go.

When I first started to read comics, I gravitated towards the female-centric storylines.  I figured gender would be a good place to start with “identifying” with the characters. Witchblade was one of the first, and it stuck.  So, when I saw that Witchblade: Case Files #1 was on the table to be reviewed, I jumped on the opportunity.  I literally leapt onto my sofa to reply on my laptop. 

Good guys always finish last.  Especially in today’s market, where Loki dominates the Marvel Multiverse and the Lex Luthor helped take over during DC’s “Forever Evil” run. The same can be said about The Complete Silencers, the collected run of the Silencers series by Fred Van Lente and Steve Ellis.

You’ve been there, we all have.  Realizing you wanted chocolate ice cream instead of the vanilla you just ordered.  Taking the red pill instead of the blue.  Thinking about the road less traveled.  Despite the ease technology has offered our current state of existence, there is no Command Z when it comes to real life.  Thus, we are left pining for the second chances we’ll never get. 

So, what if you did?

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