Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor

Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor

This is a dark, dark issue. Willow’s magic use has been hinted at trending towards darkness a few times now; her increasing confidence in herself that trends towards cocky coupled with the black eyes and veiny visage are the hallmarks of her Dark Willow persona that fans will recognize. This issue take us deep into her mindscape, having finally given into the magic instead of resisting it. Dark Willow meets Dark Phoenix is probably pretty on the nose, but *shrug* it’s apt.

‘Specs #3:’ Comic Book Review

Issue #3 explores the fallout of Kenny’s wish in an attempt to help Ted. Of course, in a warped version of wish fulfillment, the wish resulted in Ted being arrested as a suspect for the disappearance of Skunk.

With Jordan reanimated and the law closing in, things are getting pretty hot for the brothers and their associates. With the “mongrels” running amok, too, a lot is set to go wrong and gory.

Previously, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Scoobies assembled to take on Hungrus and save Buffy. Willow’s increasing magic use was becoming an issue of concern and contention.

It’s all come down to the Big Damn Finale! What is this finale? The best denouement for this series in which we see the crew move forward and wrap up our Jayne-centric story in a poignant way. With loose ends to wrap up with delicate diplomacy between the different factions on Requiem and farewells to say, things are tenuous in a much quieter way.

‘Specs #2:’ Comic Book Review

Picking right up where it left off, Specs #2 examines the aftermath of a monkey’s paw wish that, obviously, went very wrong. With a mere wish, Kenny and Ted wished the school bully out of existence, which is pretty horrific if you think about the people who might actually care for Skunk, bully or not. The horror is not lost on the two best friends as they struggle to move forward, all the while feeling like Damocles’ sword might be hanging over their heads. In a fateful wish to help his friend, and probably to help himself, too, Kenny makes a wish that will change their lives forever.

Previously, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Even without her powers, Buffy still retained some link to her destiny. Unfortunately, that also meant that her Slayer essence could still be sensed by Hungrus the Vampire Devourer. Will Buffy prove to be an easy snack or a meal that Hungrus will choke on?

Previously, the Cameron Brothers, along with Stella and Frankie, returned to their childhood stomping grounds to start over in an old, abandoned mansion. Things go sideways pretty quickly due to the Cameron Brothers’ mutual interest in Stella.

With Jayne charged with the possibility that his son is still alive on Earth That Was, the group coalesced around the plan to rescue Simon and find an available portal to take Jayne back to Earth That Was. You probably already figured this out, but there are… complications to that plan. When has it ever been simple with this crew? They’re the Grey’s Anatomy of space opera, I guess.

In a nutshell, this is a River-centric story that attempts to move River’s story into the future. Set ahead of the “Brand New ‘Verse” timeline, this book explores River’s damaged psyche and how she’s struggling with keeping her sense of self. Of course, since this is a Firefly story, high-stakes hijinks are part and parcel, in this case involving a caper with sheep. A LOT of sheep.

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