Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


Favorite Superhero: Cyclops
Favorite Animal: Anklyosaurus
Favorite Game: Pathfinder RPG

Starting with the 2014 direct-to-video animated movie Justice League War, Warner Bros. Animation has slowly, but surely, been crafting their DC Animated Universe. Each of the films since then has been introducing new elements of the Justice League and Batman continuities while utilizing the same voice actors, directors, and storyboard teams. The latest and, in my opinion, best entry to this series is Justice League vs. Teen Titans. This film ties together the stories of the newly formed Justice league as well as the continuing saga of Batman’s son and new Robin, Damian Wayne.  The film follows Damian as he joins the Teen Titans and must learn what it means to be a part of a team and a family as dark secrets of Raven’s past threaten to tear the Titans apart.

Side-Kicked is a new trade paperback coming out in October from Darby Pop Publishing. Created by Russell Brettholtz and Miguel Mendonça (and with art by Mendonça and Bong Dazo), it tells the story of a world where the only thing worse than a super-villain is an egomaniacal superhero. It is the responsibility of the under-paid, under-appreciated sidekicks to both make their partners look good and keep common citizens out of danger. But, what happens when the sidekicks decide that they’ve had enough?

To learn more about this cool, new book, we went straight to the source and interviewed the creators of Side-Kicked.

At Blastoff Comics (North Hollywood, CA), Fanboy Comics' Jason Enright talks with ten-year-old comic book creator Joshua Jones about his love of comics, his creative process, and more.  Joshua recently published his first comic book, The Amazing Adventures of Super Fight Guy, which he wrote and illustrated.

At Fanboy Comics, we strive to provide a platform for all creators to showcase their work and reach a larger audience, and we hope that you will join us in the effort to push #ComicsForward (as launched by BOOM! Studios) by lending your support to the creators of our future, like Joshua.  In addition, we offer a special thanks to BOOM! Studios for their generosity in supplying Joshua with a comic book bounty, including issues of their Regular Show and Steven Universe comic series!

The Pathfinder RPG is now 7 years old and, in addition to the core rules, has had several new books that offer new player classes, abilities, and monsters, but there has never been a book that revisits those initial rules and re-imagines them. That is, until now. Pathfinder Unchained is a compilation of variant rules that allows you to customize your Pathfinder game in unique and interesting ways. To borrow a little comic book lingo, it is not a reboot or retcon of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook so much as it is a “What If?” The designers have taken a critical look at some of the choices from the core rulebook and offered alternatives that seek to ease play, simplify complicated mechanics, or just offer something cool and new that may not have been imagined at the release of the original core rules.

Hello, listeners!

In the latest episode of The PREVIEWS Party Podcast, we discussed a new, 6-issue comic book series from BOOM! Studios' Archaia imprint called Hacktivist Volume 2 which is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Hactivist Volume 1. Hacktivist is a series that follows two social media entrepreneurs who secretly use their new program to organize and support freedom fighters in Tunisia and find themselves in a pickle between the United States Intelligence agencies and a hard place. The first series, an intelligent and challenging look at our world, was one of my favorite series of 2014, so I had to get in touch with the writers, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, to discuss what they have in store for Volume 2. Listen as we discuss their vision for this contemporary thriller, their extensive research process, and the importance of creating art that challenges readers and asks the tough questions.

As a gamemaster running roleplaying games, there is a lot to manage at the table. You have to keep track of player actions, non-player character (npc) actions, all of these characters' health and spells or once-a-day abilities, and, on top of that, make sure you tell a good, entertaining story which is the most important part. It is no wonder that many gamemasters are turning to computer-based tools to help them manage some of the minutiae of gaming. Luckily, Hero Lab, the software program that helps gamemasters craft characters and monsters for their games, has now turned their sites to helping gamemasters run their games, as well.

The night of your roleplaying game has finally come. This is a big night. Your players will be fighting a Red Dragon, one of fantasy roleplaying’s most epic and iconic foes. You have studied the stat block, prepared your gaming table, and even painted a red dragon miniature. The players gather and the fight begins, but between the dice rolling, the descriptive text, and the player’s describing their actions, there’s silence. Sure, it is a tense silence as the players wait for the dragon’s next move, but still silence fills the gaps. How can you make this night even more perfect and even more unforgettable?

The following is an interview with Ray Chou, writer of the comic book series, Skies of Fire, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to complete the project.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Jason Enright talks with Chou about !

March is Women’s History Month, and lots of sites are celebrating women in a number of important fields. Here at Fanboy Comics, instead of talking with female writers and artists, we decided to feature the women working behind the scenes in the comic book industry.  Join us as we talk with the editors, marketing specialists, designers, and other women who keep the trains running at your favorite comics publishers.

Colleen Boyd is the Submissions Editor at Action Lab Entertainment, the publisher of some of our favorite comics like Katie Cook’s Gronk, Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless, and a new series, The Adventures of Aero Girl! Colleen is the first person to look at all of the submissions that Action Lab receives and helps new creators to navigate the pitching process. We talked with her about her career, her favorite comics, and her advice for how to get a job like hers in comics.

Do you remember those awesome, choose-your-own-adventure novels from back in the day, where you would reach a point in the novel and have to make a choice? You might turn left and get eaten by a dragon, or turn right and defeat an evil king, taking his treasure. The story could go in any number of directions and was different every time. Well, comic creator Ben Bishop is developing a new graphic novel that will incorporate that choose-your-own-adventure style of storytelling, and he’s taken his idea to Kickstarter to secure funding and make a really awesome new book called The Aggregate. Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Jason Enright interviewed Bishop about the new project.

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