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Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor
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You know those comic books that you take a look at the artwork and know instantly that you need to get it without even needing to know what it is about?  Blade of the North Wind: Volume 1 was one such book for me.

While writing my article on The Day of the Doctor pre-party put on by BBC America and Nerdist Industries, I quickly realized that if I were to review the 50th anniversary episode itself, I would be unable to do so without spoilers.  So, I put out the previous article without the episode critique and left that for the one you are currently reading.  This is your last warning, major spoilers ahead.


I recently had the pleasure of going to YouTube Space LA to attend the simulcast pre-show for The Day of the Doctor put on by BBC America and Nerdist Industries. It was the perfect way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the greatest show in all of space and time, Doctor Who. A full-sized TARDIS sat at the entrance to greet cheering fans as they attempted to contain their excitement until the festivities began.

I usually stick to the full episodes when it comes to my reviews for Doctor Who; however, “The Night of the Doctor” has been released, and it starred my Doctor, Paul McGann. The mini-episode is a prequel for the 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.”


A lot of people have been asking what my opinion is on the news regarding the casting of the Twelfth Doctor, so here it is.

I should probably preface this review by saying that I have never really been one for goth culture; however, if you are and you enjoy things like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Invader Zim, then the Lenore series is right up your alley.

Before talking about Invincible #104, it is probably a good idea to start with a quick recap. Last issue saw the return of Angstrom Levy as he attacked Atom Eve and sent Invincible to a barren parallel universe. The same universe that he abandoned the evil Invincible doppelgangers from Invincible War. Back in Invincible's home universe, Eve's pregnancy prevents her from using her powers to stop Angstrom.

Left to fend for herself as a hostage without her powers, she must fight by whatever means necessary. As she goes head-to-head against Angstrom Levy, we are once again reminded why Atom Eve is so great. In many ways, this month's issue is her story.


DW S7E14Series 7 has come to a close, and, overall, it has been one of the weaker seasons since the reboot. The conclusion of the series was “The Name of the Doctor,” and despite how disjointed this past year has been, it was one of Steven Moffat's better finales.



DW S7E12It probably does not come as a surprise to most people, but “Nightmare in Silver” has been the one episode this series that I have been most looking foreword to.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers, and his previous episode, “The Doctor's Wife”, is Doctor Who's best episode. Most people point to “Blink” as the best episode and it is great; however, “The Doctor's Wife” managed to completely change the history of the show with a few seemingly simple brush strokes. It reshapes how the audience sees every single episode in the 50-year history and manages to make them more meaningful.

DW The-Crimson-HorrorThere is no two ways about it, “The Crimson Horror” is a pretty bad episode. I wanted to like the episode, because I enjoy the Vastra Investigation team (Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax), and the promise of them meeting this new Clara sounded exciting. Everything just fell flat in this adventure, making it the weakest episode in Series 7 so far.

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