Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Drew Siragusa, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor
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DW Plague of the CybermenBroadway Paperbacks has recently released several Doctor Who novels following the Eleventh Doctor. One of these new books is Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen by Justin Richards.

The Doctor visits a village called Klimtenburg in the 19th century. The villagers are getting sick from what they believe is the plague but, in actuality, is radiation poisoning. Intrigued by this anachronistic radiation poisoning and the mysterious Plague Warriors that strike fear in the villagers, the Doctor cannot help but investigate further.


DW S7E11For a long time now, I have been wanting to watch Doctor Who where the entire episode is set on the TARDIS. Thanks to Stephen Thompson and his episode, “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS,” that is exactly what we got this week.



DW S7E10At first, this week's episode of Doctor Who appears to be a horror story about a haunted house; however, “Hide” by Neil Cross quickly reveals that things are not quite so straightforward.



Invincible 102It almost seems strange to report that Invincible comics have taken a bit of an optimistic turn. Things have gotten pretty bleak for our hero in the last few years. While a comic book centered around a protagonist whose life was always easy would not be very interesting, this respite in Invincible #102 is much appreciated after such a dark period for Invincible.


DW S7E9Personally, I do not look forward to Doctor Who episodes written by Mark Gatiss. His episodes are not usually terrible, just mediocre. Whenever he writes for Doctor Who or Sherlock, the episode feels very clinical—it hits all the right notes and plot points, but there is no emotion or excitement to give the episode some life to latch onto. This week's episode, “Cold War,” does nothing to break that mold. I find that I enjoy his work as an actor more than as a writer. Fans will recognize him as Dr. Lazarus from “The Lazarus Experiment” in Series Three, as well as playing Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock.


Doctor Who S7E8This week's episode of Doctor Who saw Clara requesting to see “something awesome,” so the Doctor brought her to the Rings of Akhaten, a system of seven inhabited planets orbiting around the same star.  The people there believe that all life in the universe began in a temple where their god now resides.  These worlds have a ritual where the Queen of Years, a young girl whose job it is to remember all the songs of their culture, must sing in tribue to their god (who they call Grandfather), so he can stay asleep.



Invincible Universe 1The world is still recovering from the aftermath of “The Death of Everyone,” and it is up to Cecil Stedman to return everything to the status quo. This issue picks up at the end of Invincible #100 and follows Cecil as he deals with the massive, world-wide cleanup.


bells-of-st-johns-doctor-who-poster-247x350At WonderCon this year, I had the pleasure of attending a screening of the latest Doctor Who episode, “The Bells of Saint John.”  Being able to see the episode on the big screen with a throng of fellow fans was quite an enjoyable experience.



Lantern CityAt the recording of Krypton Radio’s The Event Horizon radio show, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Drew Siragusa chats with Bruce Boxleitner (TRON, Babylon 5) and Trevor Crafts (Smokewood), the producers behind the new Steampunk show Lantern City.

Learn more about this exciting foray into fan-inspired and fan-created television by visiting the Lantern City website at lanterncitytv.com.  Lantern City may also be found on Facebook and Twitter (@LanternCityTV).  You can also listen to Bruce and Trevor’s appearance on The Event Horizon radio show by visiting the Krypton Radio website at www.kryptonradio.com and see photos from the event on the Fanboy Comics Facebook page.






Invincible 100The hundredth issue of Invincible picks up right where the previous one left off—with our titular hero about to die at the hands of Dinosaurus.  The entire world watches as the battle unfolds.

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