Geekscape’s ‘Seven of Wine’ Pairs ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ with a Fine Wine for Every Occasion

At Fanbase Press, we love #CelebratingFandoms of every entertainment medium, which is why we were so excited to learn about Geekscape's latest podcast, Seven of Wine!  Part discussion podcast and part love letter to Star Trek: Voyager, Seven of Wine pairs a new episode of the TV series with an "episode-appropriate" bottle of wine for what is sure to be a lively conversation!  Be sure to check out the show's official press release below and check out the first episode to celebrate your love of Trek!

With the entire back catalog of Star Trek episodes now readily available to stream, services like Netflix are easing thousands of casual viewers into the world of Star Trek fandom daily. Serving Trekkers who have taken a particular shine to Star Trek: Voyager is SEVEN OF WINE — an edgy, sexy, and sassily irreverent podcast hosted by actress Jacqueline Lopez and web personality Jennifer Zhang.

Check out three exclusive 1-minute clips here!

In each episode, Jacqueline and Jennifer delve into an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and pair the spirited discussion with a bottle of wine, specially selected for the occasion. The ensuing review of the episode is drenched in humor and insight of the fun, light, and accessible variety. SEVEN OF WINE pours fresh (or drunk) perspectives on favorite Voyager episodes for both seasoned Trekkers and new Trek fans.

The first episode of SEVEN OF WINE premieres on Tuesday, February 7th, and will be available to listen for free on iTunes and Soundcloud, and as part of the popular Geekscape Network.

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