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Fanbase Press’ Geeky Love Letters: A Love Letter to the ‘Deadpool’ Creative Team

Love is in the air at Fanbase Press! In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the Fanbase Press Staff and Contributors decided to stop and smell the roses. Throughout the week of Valentine’s Day, a few members of the Fanbase Press crew will be sharing their personal love letters to the areas of geekdom they adore the most.

Dear Deadpool Creative Team,

From the minute “someone” leaked the test footage, you had me enthralled. Could we really be getting the Deadpool we deserved? Could we handle all the chimichanga goodness? How refreshing is the smell of fine Corinthian leather in the middle of a fight? Those few minutes of footage were all we needed to demand that the studio let us see your entire brilliance, and we demanded it with all the Internet’s speed, anonymity, and vitriol we could muster. As fanboys and fangirls, it was a considerable wave of demand that was thankfully heard by the suits, so y’all could make us very, very happy. You knew what would happen, you sly dogs. You hollered, “Come out and play!” and we were more than happy to oblige.

That siren’s call did not go unheeded. You loved us for loving you, and we loved you for loving us anyway. What you delivered was nothing short of perfect. It wasn’t just the perfect action sequences. It wasn’t just that Ryan Reynolds was born for this part. It wasn’t that the other cast was as perfect as him. It was the incredible attention to detail you all displayed on the regular, from the Hello Kitty bags, to the razor-sharp wit in the script, to “Hydra Bob” being just Bob from an organization that slightly resembles Hydra, because you technically weren’t allowed to use it or the Helicarrier at all. The intro was wondrous, not only visually gorgeous, but you absolutely nailed the tone that we’d be experiencing throughout your picture. We knew from those first few still frames exactly what we were getting, and then you delivered it. Another beautiful illustration of what made you right…the moment at the X-Mansion. It was so superbly crafted for those who you knew you were servicing. You knew your limits, you said, "The hell with it,” and made the limitations work for you. Not only is that good artistic ability, but it fits so well with the subject matter to begin with.

The story was solid, the look on point, and the chemistry between all of the characters was breathtaking. Endlessly quotable, you strove to make a film that would hit hard in the way that every D-Piddy fan would absolutely love. This wasn’t a Fox Family friendly superhero pic, this wasn’t making Deadpool appeal to a wide audience, this was fan service from top to bottom, and with a character as diverse and entertaining as Wolverine’s best friend, you had plenty to play with and you all strove for maximum effort. I’ve never enjoyed myself more in a movie theatre as I did watching this movie, not even on International Women’s Day. I don’t think that there was a single moment that didn’t play. I can’t keep coming up with enough superlatives for how right it felt top to bottom, and that’s why the only thing I can think of is to say it. I love you. I love the Key Grip, the costumers, everybody. In fact, here they are again for you.

Oh, and to finish your fourth-wall-breaking masterpiece with a shot-for-shot recreation of the original breaking-the-fourth-wall flick? It was genius birthed in a lab where all kinds of smart brains are kept in jars to make some kind of hyper-brain that can think the thoughts of a thousand minds with the cortexes of only hundreds….I got off topic, but still…all the loves.

Logan Erik

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