Wonder Woman Wednesday: What Does ‘Wonder Woman’ Have to Do with ‘The Breakfast Club?’

As a child of the '80s, I was delighted to see the above picture making its rounds on the internet this week. A fun parody/homage picture of the cast of Wonder Woman 2 (including director Patty Jenkins) recreating the movie poster pose for the teen-dramedy-to-begin-and-end-all-teen-dramedies, The Breakfast Club!

Nothing says the '80s more than John Hughes’ teen angst films. It appears the cast of WW 2 is having fun and not losing sight of the '80s theme. My only fear at this point is that it may go too goofy or campy. I feel the first Wonder Woman film had a perfect balance of humor and business. I wouldn’t want to see it take a turn for the silly. Although as a gay man, I’m not-so-secretly hoping for a knock down, drag out, over-the-top, Dynasty-esquie cat fight between Wonder Woman and Cheetah. Maybe that’s what the Cheetah costume needs: shoulder pads! At any rate, I have the utmost fate in all involved to bring us a top-notch sequel.

In other exciting Wonder Woman news, the new creative team for the monthly title will take over in November with writer G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel), artist Cary Nord, and cover artist Terry Dodson.  It’s great to see a female creator writing the book. I think we can look forward to a fun comic book run, as their first story has Diana going off to Steve’s rescue and also introduces a new God of War. Sounds like fun to me!  Just please don’t pull any more long-lost relatives out of your tiara.

With Kelly Sue DeConneck writing the upcoming Wonder Woman: Historia, we can look forward to more girl power coming our way. The future looks bright for Wonder fans everywhere.

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