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Featured Series

Fame Suzanne CollinsBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Though beginning with more superhero fare (The 10th Muse, Atlas), Bluewater Productions has become known best for its bio-comics, featuring comic biographies of celebrities, politicians, historical figures, and even prominent authors.

Kevin Keller MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

Well, well, well, it certainly has been a big week for Homosexual Americans, now hasn't it? 1st the pro-hate Prop 8 outlawing same sex marriage is deemed unconstitutional by The Supreme Court. Duh. Incidentally, I also find bad hair unconstitutional. But, then again, I don't think of myself as very political. I don't think I could even pick Laura Bush out if a police line up.

Whitney MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

I used to make fun of my little sister for liking Whitney Houston. I thought it dorky if not reductive.

Cut to The Bodyguard soundtrack. I will always be a Dolly fan and really dug Houston's cover of Parton's cover of "I Will Always Love You." Throw in a break up with a boyfriend and it's over with! Well, and "Queen of the Night" - what girl wouldn't like that? Ironically, it was The Bodyguard director and co-star Kevin Costner that suggested Houston cover the song with an acapella intro. And, Parton famously thanked Jesus daily for the scratch she made off the royalties she made from Houston's version of her classic break up song.

Oscars MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


It's Howdy Doody time! Is that reference too dated for you, my little hatchlings? Look it up. It's actually Oscar buzz time, as the biggest night in Hollywood and the equivalent of "The Gay Super Bowl" is upon us. The biggest and most prestigious award show to recognize excellence in film. Also, the night where too much money is spent, a lot of bad jokes are told, and way too much time is wasted. A handful of people feel like winners, a ton of people feel like s#!t, and the rest of the world forgets all about it two weeks later. Woot! Woot! Bring it on!

Dr. Disco MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Up is a relative concept. It has no intrinsic value. And, neither does revisiting Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Holy Grail of funny books with a sequel. What could be bigger blasphemy than trying to make a film version of the sacred comic tome Watchmen without Alan Moore's blessing or involvement? Why, making a mega-event prequel to Watchmen without Alan Moore's involvement or consent, of course.

Super Bowl Madonna MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


The Queen is alive and well. Long live the Queen.

I feel it all started a couple of weeks ago when Madonna spearheaded her comeback after taking a slight "sabbatical" to direct her 1st feature, "W.E.," by appearing to promote said feature on 20/20. In her Madge-esty's "absence," it seemed the world had gained its new princess in Lady Gaga, as the would-be "new Madonna." Madonna put to rest any doubt with the virtual bitch slap heard round the world by calling Gaga "reductive." Missed it? Look it up.

The Walking Demi!

The Walking Demi MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

How exciting to watch the latest celebrity "very public nervous breakdown" occur; a little surprising that it was Demi Moore, who seemed to have her shinola together pretty well.

Sure her B.C./A.D. or May/December romance seemed to have a shelf life; let's face it, you can only reupholster your Gucci bags so many times before you need a new place for your junk. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to see Demi and Ashton work as much as the next sucker for the worst case scenario, but don't point your gnarled, old, Judge Judy finger at me if I can't help but experience a little schadenfreude at the demise of yet another failed Hollywood Fairy tale (or 2-year contract as I like to think of them!). I liked St. Elmo's Fire, but I liked...um...that one famous movie with Ashton, too!

VALCANDI MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

As an artist since childhood, I was always tortured by little girls to "draw things for them," usually unicorns or flowers, every boy's fantasy art subject - NOT! Although, I suppose drawing beats the crap out of learning geometry. Who gives two toots where Nigeria is anyway, right?

BHroundupBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

To say that the second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proved to be tumultuous is like saying the ladies may or may not have had some plastic surgery here and there.

Camille is divorced from Frasier. She dodged a bullet, if you ask me. He looked a little koo koo for Cocoa Puffs at the Golden Globes. I hope she got half of Frasier's scratch- although, most of his coins are probably tied up in alimony.

PANSEXUAL MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

After a brief holiday, Pan Am made its return to ABC two weeks ago. Inside sources said the series went under a bit of a much needed face lift, and it shows. Luckily, it's like good plastic surgery- like when someone gets Restalin and you don't even notice, but damn they look good! Speaking of plastic surgery, and I'm not saying she had any as anyone who knows me knows I would NEVER speak against Miss Ricci, Christina looks more beautiful than ever! Maybe it's her bangs? Don't get me wrong, I love her big, round, gorgeous, haunted, baby doll forehead, but I find the bangs uber chic.

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