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Toe-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe? Katy or Gaga? Marvel Zombies or DC . . . ? (What the hell do DC fans call themselves, anyway?) DC Demons? I suppose in the age of Dan DiDio, they could be called DiDio heads.

When my brother introduced me to comics, he made his Marvel and strongly encouraged me to do the same.  When I discovered Wolfman/Perez's New Teen Titans, all bets were off.  I had to suffer the disappointment of my brother, but I didn't care. Perez's pencils were more addictive than cocaine.  I didn't read m(any) other DC titles, and then came along an Outsider: Batman and the Outsiders, that is.

Anyone who follows my ramblings knows I'm a pretentious snob queen with a screaming 15-year-old girl trapped inside. Trapped with very loose constraints, mind you, but you get the point. With the impending release of Lady Gaga's 3rd full studio album, ARTPOP, I was as giddy as a school girl. It has been a while since I was "Born this Way" as it were. Not only am I contractually obligated to review the album (We'll get to that in a second.), but I wanted to do something to celebrate the new record by doing something completely self-serving.

For Halloween, we decided to make cupcakes with a "blood-filled" center!

Start with a basic vanilla cupcake recipe. We used our go-to baker's secret, the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

Fanboy hearts were all aflutter after Justin Bieber tweeted a supposed script to Superman/Batman with his name on it. A whirlwind of speculation had spun whether the polarizing pop star had been tapped to play Robin against Ben Affleck's controversial casting as Batman. Holy Hannah!

At first I joined the chorus of those who would say thee nay . . . Then, after I thought about it, I thought, "Wow! That's kind of genius!"

We love The Hunger Games at Garlic, My Soul, and we also love Fanboy Comics. And, as you know from our Katniss' Lamb Stew, we also love The Katniss Chronicles, which was why we were thrilled to create another recipe for the series!

This Savory Apple Tart is straight from The Hunger Games. Peeta mentions it to Katniss, in a scene when you realize that even the baker's family didn't have an easy life. We made it into more of a galette, which seems to fit with the country lifestyle of District 12, rather than a dainty tart.



I think it's fair to say that Batman is one of the most popular characters in pop culture history. It isn't too hard to dissect why. He looks cool, he has fun toys, and he has awesome powers. Oh, wait . . .

With the media blitz surrounding the return of Mother Monster after her agonizing six-month absence from the public eye, recuperating from a broken hip (Granny Gaga?), I simply had to weigh in with my two cents. Although quite a Gaga fan, I hardly consider myself one of her "Little Monsters" and see myself more as one of her peers. A bold statement? I'll explain.

I didn't realize Dynamite was rebooting Red Sonja under the helm of fan favorite writer Gail Simone until the week it came out. Simone is such a fan favorite, in fact, DC cracked under fan pressure to re-hire her after unceremoniously dumping Simone from writing duties on Batgirl.

Simone is known for her compelling stories and witty dialogue, having cut her teeth on Marvel's Deadpool and developed quite a following with DC's Birds of Prey, following creator Chuck Dixon in its pre-New 52 hullabaloo. Having worked on heavy hitters like Wonder Woman and Secret Six, Gail has earned her stripes and is well liked amongst fans and peers alike. Most associated with Barbara Gordon in her Oracle and Batgirl incarnations, it seemed fitting that Dynamite turned to Simone to breathe new life into another well known, red-headed heroine for a make-over/reboot. (Ironic, little-known fact: Gail herself is a beautician.) A fan turned pro, Gail quickly proved she was just as good with a pen as she was with a curling iron, rising quickly amongst the writers of a male-dominated field.

Welcome to Week 2 of Project Wonder Woman. The fantasy Project Runway/Wonder Woman mash-up. I am obsessed with Wonder Woman, and I can't miss an episode of Heidi Kluhm's hit Lifetime series, Project Runway.

Being the zen/hippy bulls--tter that I am, I often say, "Humanity has officially jumped the shark," which is usually when some grave injustice or unthinkable act of unconscionable evil takes place in society (i.e.: George Zimmerman, homophobia, new Twinkies, etc.). The term "jumping the shark" of course being a metaphor for the time Fonzie water skied and jumped over a shark on Happy Days. Apparently, it was all downstream after that.

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