The Indiegogo Report: ‘The Pike and Trident Web Series’

What do you get when you combine time travel, comedy, and epic sword fights? You get Pike and Trident, an action/sci-fi/comedy web series from producers/actors Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson, which is currently holding an Indiegogo campaign to raise the necessary funds to produce their new episode.

Pike and Trident has all the makings of a pretty fun adventure. Set in a future where even minor disagreements are settled with epic physical combat, the series follows Myrtle Pike (Turney) and Trudy Trident (Robinson), two museum curators who accidentally scatter a bunch of priceless artifacts across time and have to journey to various points in history to retrieve them.

In terms of action, this promises to be a cut above your average web series. Both Turney and Robinson, as well as many of the other cast members, have had years of training in onscreen fight choreography, and their mentor and co-director, Jan Bryant, has done fight work for such films as Hook and Army of Darkness. They’ve also heavily researched each of the time periods they plan to present, in terms of historical characters, costumes and sets, and, of course, fighting styles.

Pike and Trident currently has enough money raised to produce their first episode—a Viking adventure. To produce the second—a medieval episode, complete with a tavern brawl—they need at least $8,000 of their $42,000 goal.

You can donate to the Pike and Trident Indiegogo campaign here. You can also like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Turney and Robinson recently to talk about the project and other things over pie. They were a lot of fun. Hear the results below.


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