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‘Six Figure Crowdfunding: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Running a Life-Changing Campaign’ – Hardcover Review

“The truth is, running a campaign is equal parts excitement and narrowly avoiding being hit by a car.
Your future is on the line with every decision.”

Do not let the “six figure crowdfunding” phrase in the title stop you from picking up this book. This instructional book will help: 1) the person planning to run a campaign regardless of the amount; 2) the person planning to run a campaign with a goal of six figures and above; and 3) the person who supports crowdfunding projects and/or has an “outsider” interest in this 21st century phenomenon. While Six Figure Crowdfunding: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Running a Life-Changing Campaign from BOOM! Studios is truly marketed to the individuals who fall into one of the first two categories and will be the main focus of this review, this book also reveals fascinating crowdfunding statistics while discussing big projects that succeeded (i.e., funded) but was mired in a whole lot of lessons learned afterwards.

Having raised over $4.7 million through three Cyanide & Happiness campaigns, crowdfunding consultant Derek Miller is joined by writer Noelle Pugh and illustrator Joy Ho, as well as contributions from 23 individuals representing projects that raised over $182.6 million. The book is divided into the three M’s: message, mechanics, and marketing. The message section spotlights five eternal questions that result in content that can be used for the elevator pitch and the all-important campaign video. In the mechanics section, Miller explains how to create tiers and rewards that will “bulletproof” the campaign. Additionally, Miller advises the best time to launch a project (Who knew?!) and how to make the project pop with graphics and images. In the last section, Miller talks strategy when it comes to marketing, meaning it’s important to work smart and stick to the plan. Miller also includes two concluding sections that address post-campaign activities which closes the crowdfunding loop.

Miller delivers a humorous tenor throughout the 200+ page guide; however, do not let the comedic tone undermine or camouflage that Miller has a huge bucket-load of wise gold nuggets waiting to be mined on every page of Six Figure Crowdfunding. The recap sections, often in the form of worksheets, concisely summarize the critical points while providing space to write in responses that can be used in the individual’s own project plan. Six Figure Crowdfunding is well written, and the organization of the main sections are effectively supported by crucial topics, resulting in a tightly structured instructional book. While this text will appeal to those with an interest in crowdfunding, especially if contributing to projects, this is a must read for anyone thinking of running a campaign, large or small.

Creative Team: Derek Miller and Noelle Pugh (writers), Joy Ho (illustrator), Dylan Todd (book cover designer), Jillian Crab (book design/type layout), Katalina Holland (assistant editor), Bryce Carlson (editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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