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‘Duplicant #3:’ Comic Book Review

Matt not only has to deal with the knowledge his technology might be killing people but learns from Pamela Wilton’s mother that her daughter had been raped by her employer. Upset over the news, both he and his bodyguard, Sean, are distracted when they are set upon by thugs and Matt is kidnapped. Sean returns to Regenerist and assembles a security team to find him. It’s a cat-and-mouse game as to whether they will be able to find him. Ava comes under scrutiny and resents it. Not surprising as she may be in love with him. With Regenerist in turmoil and Matt missing, will the company survive? And who took Matt and why? All good questions waiting to be answered.

This issue does a nice job of integrating a bit of Matt’s pre-pandemic life into the story and gives us a glimpse of where the pandemic probably all began. Make note of who is in this scene, as I suspect there’s a clue here. Ms. Nappi does a great job of setting up potential suspects without giving away who is behind it all. I particularly enjoyed the paneling and pacing, especially the flashbacks where the panel lines were curved and flowed around the page. Visually, it made the scenes softer and more accessible, offsetting the angular and rigid lines of the harsh present-day world.

My hands-down favorite minor character is the robotic SWAT dog. Can we see more of it? Now off to read issue four.

Creative Team: Karla Nappi (writer), Marianna Strychowska (artist), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer), Leila del Duca (linework), Owen Gieni (colorist)
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