‘Armor #1:’ Comic Book Review

I just finished Evoluzione’s Armor #1.  It’s not Marvel’s Armor about the (lame) mutant, but a whole new, galaxy-spanning adventure!  Actually, that sounds clichéd, and maybe it is a little… but the comic ain’t half bad.  Hell, it ain’t even a quarter bad – it’s pretty good.

Let me ask you something. Did you like The Last Starfighter as a kid?  Of course, you did.  What was good about it?  Might you be answering, “It could totally happen to me someday?”  Yeah, I thought so.  Armor has a story kind of like that.  Here’s your non-spoiler synopsis: Basically, there is a huge galactic war featuring bad guys and good guys.  A crazy weapon is made and the good guys steal it… and escape to Earth.  Earth-kid finds it and… something something something.  I told you I wasn’t doing spoilers.

So, it’s fun.  The writing took a few panels to get into, but it quickly finds its rhythm.   The art is good. (It’s always good these day. I find myself pining for the crappy, early '80s sometimes. Am I alone in that?) 

What else is great about it?  The KID.  They made the main character the same kid from every '80s trope ever!  He’s handsome, an athlete, and always does the right thing… and he has just enough teenage angst to make him interesting.  It’s like we’re reading about a millennial Ralph from Greatest American Hero, but as a Millennial!   I would say I don’t know about you – but I do know about you – you love the wholesome, teenage, “do the right thing” character as much as all of us nerds do.

So, check it out.  This comic is a good one.  If you like The Last Starfighter, The Greatest American Hero, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ben-Ten, or even Green Arrow, this will be right up your alley.

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