‘Geek-Girl #1:’ Comic Book Review

At the end of the Geek-Girl mini-series with Ruby Kaye, both she and Lightning Storm (a powerful nemesis) were down for the count.  Ruby partially succeeded, since her foe wasn’t able to continue her rampage across Maine, but she’s in the hospital in a coma with an unclear recovery.  Who will pick up the superhero mantle and keep the Pine Tree state safe?  Find out in the first volume of the latest Geek-Girl comic!

Sam Johnson and the rest of the Geek-Girl creative team teased the new heroine at the end of their FCBD release, and my heart jumped.  Ruby’s supportive gal pal, Summer, has taken on the superpowererd glasses to fight crime with Pit Bull, Neon Girl’s partner (I guess she still hasn’t recovered from her run in with Lightning Storm…); however, her abilities with the glasses is just one of the things the perky co-ed needs to fine-tune. Ruby’s former friends are playing up their relationship now that she’s famous and in a coma, and they’re trying to push away Ruby’s real friends, including Summer.  A new threat has come to town, though, so will our new superheroine find the strength to face them down while protecting the people she cares about?

I commented on the toxic female relationships in the Geek-Girl mini-series, and the creators own Ruby’s horrible ex-friends in this issue.  They almost read as a how not to act guide (i.e., Don’t try to capitalize on your “friend’s” new-found fame by visiting her in the hospital when you wouldn’t acknowledge her without a snide remark before; don’t talk down to said “friend’s” new friends just because they have to work for a living and don’t have wealthy parents; etc.).  I don’t like seeing Summer’s pain over her clique’s behavior, but she probably should have dumped them as soon as they cut Ruby for spilling drinks on them.

At this point, artist Carlos Granda seems to feel comfortable with the main characters, and that gives him room to have a little more fun with the panels.  I think my favorite shot is Summer crashing through a window into a hardware store in the first few pages; she gets her man (hence the satisfied expression), but the bystanders’ shock plays up her lack of finesse in the execution.

Summer played a pivotal role in Ruby’s arc as Geek-Girl, so I’m thrilled to see her get to take center stage.  I enjoy seeing a woman of color as the main character in a superhero story, even if her ethnicity has no affect on the plot.  Will Summer gain confidence as Geek-Girl? Can she and Pit Bull take down the new threat facing Maine?  Will Ruby ever wake up?  The answers can only be found in the upcoming issues!

4 Botched Attempts at Evading Super-Suaveness Out of 5

Creative Team:  Sam Johnson (writer), Carlos Granda (artist), Chunlin Zhao (colorist), Paul McLaren (letterer)
Publisher: Markosia Comics
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