‘Geek-Girl #2:’ Comic Book Review

Summer couldn’t be happier that her best friend and original Geek-Girl, Ruby, has come out of her coma, but she can’t turn over her responsibilities as Maine’s superheroine so easily.  Ruby’s family doesn’t want her risking her life as Geek-Girl, and they seem to hold Summer entirely responsible for the whole fiasco.  Meanwhile, a new team of supervillains are trying to make their mark on Maine’s villainy scene while a few old faces also think Ruby’s awakening heralds another grudge match for fun and profit!


I’ve loved Summer since the original mini-series, because she’s the only real friend Ruby had at the university, so I was saddened by how Ruby and her family pushed her away in this issue.  Yes, Summer did suggest that her friend use the glasses to help people as a superhero, but it came from a place of love, warmth, and giving.  Ruby also forgave her false friends pretty quickly in this volume, while I would have told them I didn’t need to hang out with them any longer.  Hopefully, Ruby comes to her senses and realizes Summer is a far better friend than anyone else and will let her know it!

Geek-Girl has kept the same creative team so far, but this issue allows Granda to draw something new and different in this universe: a massive robot!  It’s definitely evil, and it definitely wants to smash Summer, so there are some great action shots of this metallic baddy in the last few pages.

Geek-Girl #2 sets up some new potential conflicts and ends on a cliffhanger.  What more can you ask for in a comic book?  Will Ruby take up the Geek-Girl mantle again? Will she return the glasses to Summer? Will Nina convince Ruby to another girl-on-girl wrestling match for the internet?  And will the League of Larcenists actually succeed in becoming a real threat for Maine’s limited cast of superheroes?  These questions and more can only be answered in issue #3!

4 Exciting Sneak Preview of a New Series of 5

Creative Team: Sam Johnson (Writer), Carlos Granada (Artist), Chunlin Zhau (Colorist), Paul McLaren (Letterer)

Publisher: Markosia Enterprises, Ltd

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