HollyShorts 2020: Best of VFX Block - Film Reviews

Every year, the technology of filmmaking gets better and better, with visual effects creating incredible landscapes and creatures and exploring all forms of life. As it has progressed, creators have been able to utilize it more and more, perpetuating further developments of the craft. This year's entries for HollyShorts create some stunning work, bringing to life some of the most dazzling creations in modern film. My favorites of the block will be listed first, with the others coming later in this round-up of the Best of VFX.

The End
Dir. Tommy Kenney
Starring Tommy Kenney, Maxine Christians

A space farmer and his ship's AI, going through a rough patch in their relationship, find themselves dealing with a much bigger problem than their break-up. This was a surprising film for me. It felt like it was going in a totally different, more serious direction before making a very funny turn near the end. It worked completely, and I really loved this film.

Dir. Andrew Hardaway
Starring Jamie McShane, Derek Ray, Cynthia Addai-Robinson

In a new world where a technological device allows for the removal of all negative emotions, a soldier goes through an emotional journey after the death of his wife.

Human Resources of Ugago
Dir. David Oesch
Starring Sebastian Krahenbuhl, Denise Hasler, Alex Freeman

In a futuristic office, a group of AI co-workers attempt to bond with Dave, the only human working there.

Dir. Colin Levy
Starring Jude Law, Uriah Shelton, Zach Callison

After hacking a delivery drone to fix up orders, two teen boys find themselves deep in the throes of a political conspiracy. This is a really interesting film that feels like it could be a much bigger piece. With great performances by the cast, this is a very polished and very entertaining piece of art.

Blue and Malone: Casos Imposibles
Dir. Abraham Lopez
Starring Jose Luis Garcia Perez, Aura Garrido, Alex O'Dogherty

Berta, a young journalist, is joined by two imaginary friends, a large blue cat, and his detective partner as they explore the challenges that lie before them. As part of a VFX block, this was one of the most impressive. Blue and Malone are visually striking characters, well worth being a part of this block.

Also in this set of films are:

Dir. Regina Ainsworth
Starring Naima Hebrail Kidjo, Shay Ali, Ursula Burton

A genetically engineered non-human unleashes a rebellion against those who oppress them after the destruction of a union and the death of someone close to them. Based on the YA novel series, Tankborn Trilogy.

Dir. Krzysztof Rost

A silent animated short, this film is a wonderful piece described as an interlude between reality and an abstraction. This is a hard to describe piece, but very enjoyable.

Lyon E-Sport
Dir. Gaetano Naccarato
Starring Sarah Fochrenbach

A combination of art and promotion, this piece focuses on the League of Legends and Fortnite teams for the French eSports circuit. While a very short piece, the visuals are beyond stunning.
Dir. Gloria Mercer
Starring Serena Crouse, Emma Soothill, Lissa Neptuno

When a teenage girl attends a virtual reality high school, she gets much more than expected.

Adam 2.0
Dir. Devin J. Dilmore
Starring Chris Bradley, Andrea Fantauzzi, Caleb Thomas

Two friends go through a major risk, salvaging some technology to gain a chance to talk to their closest friend one more time after their passing.

Kerbal Space Program 2
Dir. Richard Enriquez

A promotional piece for the game of same name, this is a wonderful teaser for the beloved franchise.

Here Comes Frieda
Dir. Robin Takao D'Oench
Starring Ellie Wallwork, Charlie Romanelli, Sarita Choudhury

In the year 2040, a woman attempts to redeem her ticket to a better life, living in a low-Earth orbit paradise after a superstorm rages down on her city.

All of these films are excellent, really showing off the incredible power of visual effects in modern filmmaking. All of these films, as well as all of the others during this year's festivals, at available at the HollyShorts website.

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